Saint Lucia Civil Service Association (CSA) members have been urged to help come up with solutions to some of the problems facing this country.

The challenge to the CSA members came from Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Labour, Titus Preville.

Preville was the keynote speaker at the opening of the CSA’s biennial conference yesterday.

CSA President, Yvonne Edwin, disclosed that it was a challenge that the executive of the union will examine.

csa-3“We are confronted by several issues whether social or economic and we need to take these things into consideration,” Edwin declared.

She said:

“As  CSA members we are the ones facing the supermarkets and though a salary increase is what a lot of members would prefer, there are other fringe benefits and other solutions we can put forward to make our country, Saint Lucia, better.”

Edwin explained that the event at which Preville spoke was the second phase of the biennial convention.

She recalled that CSA elections were held in April.

The new CSA President said the second phase of the biennial convention is a conference of delegates where members come and reports from the past executive are submitted, as well as the report of the annual general meeting and executive reports.

“This gives members an opportunity to understand what has been going on between 2014 and 2016, gives an overview of what has transpired and provides us with an opportunity to set out a path, “ Edwin said.