Former Education Minister, Arsene James, has died, the ruling United Workers Party (UWP) has announced.

James, a former MP for Micoud South and a former School Principal, died in Martinique Sunday, a government official said.

James, who also served as leader of the opposition, was flown to Martinique Saturday after having been hospitalised here last week, the official told St Lucia Times.

“We regret the loss of Hon Arsene James who has departed from this life. Mr. James distinguished himself as a statesman of extraordinary ilk. His life epitomized “service” – as a community leader, teacher, principal, Parliamentarian and Government Minister,” a post on the UWP Facebook pageĀ  said.

“Let us pray for his family and friends, that God will comfort them during this difficult time. May his soul rest in peace.”


  1. You are callous and a disgrace to humanity and saint lucia. How could you rejoice over the death of someone, though you claim you are not rejoicing?I hope you reconsider and repent of your callousness!

    • That Lakeland version of a person is a disgrace to humanity. For not sympathizing with the family in this time of sadness, but rather adding a political overture is nothing short of animalistic. When will we ever learn? Shame on you Lakeside.

  2. Sincere condolences to the family, I thank you for your service to your Country, may he Rest in perfect peace.

  3. My goodnesss all i will say this is sad and he without sin cast the first stone…. we always seem to blame others point fingers but …. smh

  4. When I said and will say again the people who crucified Jesus , Judas and all they all was from saint Lucia and their legacy is still around. I do believe that some of the labour party supporters are among those legacy.

  5. And this is why Christ will never come to saint Lucia even if he’s everywhere but not in this country my GOD. why do we have such cruel people amongst us a tongue can accuse and Carry bad news be careful of stones that you throw .

  6. So sad. May The family find strength and comfort as they mourned the death of Mr James such great principal. May He Rest In Peace

  7. Fox you ‘re talking like you much better than others, but I see the very Judas that you’re talking about lies in you.

  8. Poor man. After seeing so much wrong people misbehave his heart could not take it.the last occurrence in the house of parliament was a disgrace and shame to the uwp. Smh saddd. I he was a discipline man. Unfortunately his party has put him to shame. May he RIP

  9. Mr. James; you tried, you didn’t runaway like some of us did, but instead you stayed to build your country in every way possible like:Com uniting, teaching, politics and others. thank you. may the good Lord give to your family, relatives, friends, former students and teachers, well wishers and all others that you may left behind, the strength,and courage to bare your lost. May your soul rest in perfect peace. Again sincere condolences;.

  10. May the soul of the deceased rest in everlasting peace. I hope the family’s faith in God will carry them through these hours to grief. I’ve read some political comments. This is exactly what politics does. Keep people divided from birth to death. Truly reprehensible!

  11. Mr James was a great human being and a dedicated and caring politician…he will be missed….condolences to his family………… What has happened to St Lucians, that we have become such an ugly society divided my nasty gutter politics. Where is our humanity? When did we become so uncaring, ungodly and loveless that we have allowed politicos to destroy all that made us a united and considerate st Lucian community……

  12. I say the devil will use all who allow it. Now you see what they are, I would not do this to an enemy, my thoughtson would be on the pain of the family and how I would not want this to happen to me. Disgraceful, shameless behaviour, classless and soulless in the name of political affinity. Phillip Pierre or Kenny Anthony will never sprout that kind of nastiness at such a time but the empty rediculos puppets are jumping up and showing how loyal they are abusing a dead man. Shame on. [email protected] how do you know that he did not give up his seat because he knew that his health was not too hot and wanted to enjoy his life and not go like Sir. John? You said he did it for Governorship….right? Silly wicked people. Wakeup and rediscover your humanity.

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