Education authorities in Martinique have issued an alert to schools over a social media ‘game’ that encourages players to commit suicide.

Dubbed ‘Blue Whale Challenge’, the ‘game’ reportedly consists of fifty challenges.

Players taking part in the social media challenge are encouraged to carry out disturbing tasks such as cutting the shape of a whale into their bodies.

Players eventually ‘win’ the challenge by committing suicide.

It is believed that the challenge is responsible for hundreds of teenage suicides in Russia.

Teen suicides allegedly linked to the ‘game’ have also been reported in other countries.

According to Martinique 1ere, a letter was sent to School Principals in the French overseas territory alerting them to the Blue Whale Challenge.

The March 13, 2017 letter urges the Principals to outlaw the game in schools.

It also urged them to be vigilant in regard to young people placed in their care, especially those who appear to be most vulnerable.

Similar warnings  about the Blue Whale Challenge have been issued in European countries where authorities have urged parents to be alert to sudden changes in the behavior of their children, especially if they are frequent users of social media.


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