Residents of the community of Prêcheur in Martinique Friday morning began mobilising to prevent the expulsion of a Dominican family, local news reports say.

The nine Dominicans had sought refuge in the French overseas territory following the passage of Hurricane Maria, which devastated Dominica last year.

According to Martinique 1 Ere, since 6:30 Friday morning, several inhabitants of Prêcheur, began mobilising to prevent the departure of Durand family.

The family, seven children and their parents, had been living with the children’s grandmother in Martinique for the past year.

They were due to leave Martinique Friday because they do not have a residence permit.

Local news reports said the family made several attempts to obtain the permit but failed to do so.

They were originally due to leave on Thursday, August 16, but the authorities gave them a few more hours to prepare for their departure, it was reported.

Residents of the community where the visitors have been staying have stated their intention to block access to the port at Fort de France to prevent the Dominicans from leaving, Martinique 1 Ere has reported.
The online publication quoted lawyer, Camille Célénice, as saying that a request for a residence permit must be filed Friday morning in the presence of the Mayor of  Prêcheur, Marcellin Nadeau.
Nadeau is reported to be opposed to the move to expel the Dominican family, citing the historical links of the town with its neighbours from Dominica.


  1. When Dominicans leave Dominica they dosen’t want to return to rebuild their country and lives. It’s time for the rest of the region to help them realise that they need to be patriotic to the land of their birth and not dwell and seek handouts from another island freely. I really don’t know what these people are running from. There was an agreement to stay until your island becomes stable but now they want to stay…..hmmmm.

    • That is such an ungodly comment. There was a disaster, they have seven children, it is easy to comment when you are not in the situation. The Island is not stable. Why don’t you take you stuff and go help rebuild the place. As other volunteers do, instead of complaining. I can see you are not of God obviously you are evil driven.

      • I couldn’t agree with you more mag, to utter such an inhumane, ungodly and wicked comment. Some ppl just don’t understand life. U never know what life has instore for you. The ppl who hv to give them handouts are welcoming them to stay with open hearts but you have no part to play will comment this bs. Smh.

  2. This is a gracious act on the part of the residence….may God be with you all as you stand for your fellow men.

  3. my view its been 1 whole year at least the father should try to go back to see if he could help rebuild dominica , martinique is a beautiful place who wouldnt want to stay there, but thats not their country , a family of 9 they cant jut gain residence in the ppl country so , i fell for them i realy do

  4. Seven children? Wow!! In this hard guava season seven children. Dominica is already so expensive and you guys made seven children. Look the inhumane government of France with their prefect in Martinique should make an exception and Grant them permanent residence there due to the hurricane disaster. I don’t know what is happening with our world today. It’s the whites or bechay in Martinique that is making those sorts of decisions.

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