Match bombs are becoming a source of concern for the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF), which says the use of the the explosive devices is illegal.

Assistant Superintendent, Gregory Alexander, told the Times that the Explosives Act in defining explosives, covers a wide range of devices including match bombs, flares, fireworks and fuses.

Alexander explained that for such items to be imported and used the Commissioner of Police has to grant permission.

The police official however explained that over the years, match bombs and other such devices have been used ‘discreetly’.

“What we have noticed is that sometimes there is the indiscriminate use of those items causing annoyance to members of the public,” Alexander told the Times.

He said in such a case when a police officer is present, he has the backing of the law to move in and confiscate such items and effect an arrest if there is a need.

Alexander indicated to the Times that some persons who may not be able to distinguish between gunshots and the sound of match bombs can also be affected by the sound of the devices exploding.

“What we will continue to do is sensitize the officers and since we have many more officers on the ground, we will tell them to look out for that kind of behaviour,” Alexander told the Times.



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