An application has been filed for a Dominican family threatened with expulsion from Martinique to stay in the French overseas territory, according to local news reports.

The application was filed Tuesday.

The Dominican family, two parents and their seven children, have been threatened with expulsion since August 16.

The Durands had sought refuge in Martinique after Hurricane Maria devastated Dominica last year and had been living in their adopted homeland in the community of Prêcheur.

The Mayor of the Prêcheur, two lawyers and a group of citizens are trying to pressure the authorities to prevent the expulsion, Martinique 1ere has reported.



  1. Seven children…why? Back in the day you had seven children because half of them would die before they turned twenty. You don’t need seven children in 2018, you’re just asking for trouble.

  2. This need to be reviewed where the government need to interview households of families to avoid many children. many times to ask for a TL and they would deny…. condoms and other contraceptives are not too safe is it is better to do so to avoid a family from having tooo many children.

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