Antigua Observer:-A former member of the Jamaica National Commission on Reparations has made a call for all former British colonies to remove Queen Elizabeth II as the head of state to make it easier to seek reparations.

Bert Samuels made the call during the Annual Time H Kendall QC Public Lecture, on Thursday.

Samuels, who was the guest speaker for the evening, pointed to why he thinks reparations is necessary; why it is so difficult to seek reparations.

He also gave advice on how the country should go forward in the mandate.

In making the case for removal of the Queen, he reasoned that it is very difficult to seek reparations from an entity that is still heavily involved in the legal system.

“In Jamaica, I got the chief justice to agree, two years ago, that we should no longer open the courts in Jamaica with the disrespect to the people by saying, ‘God save the Queen’. We are preserving things that the British government is not even asking us to preserve,” Samuels said while fielding questions from the audience.

Local Pan Africanist Dorbrene O’Marde shares similar sentiments. He, too, called for the government of Antigua & Barbuda to cut all ties with the Queen of England.

“I am totally in agreement with that. The Antigua & Barbuda Reparations Support Commission sees itself as anti-colonial, and that says that we must seek to break those ties and those relationships that confine us to a colonial status; even though we boast 34 years of independence.

That call for the removal of the Queen as our head of state is also being echoed across the region,” O’Marde said in an OBSERVER media interview.

He also believes that the CCJ referendum that is due to be held this year, in Antigua & Barbuda, will bring the country one step closer to Constitutional reform, which will put the nation in a better position to become a republic.

“When the final arguments are put before the Antiguan people, around the basis that the CCJ is mine; it is a product of my intellect; it is a break with colonial control of our thinking; and further that it is accessible to everyone in this country in its jurisdiction, then this big opposition will disappear,” O’Marde said.