The  Police Welfare Association (PWA) has called on the ‘powers that be’ to allow the building that housed the prison on upper Bridge Street in Castries to be torn down.
The High Court on Sunday ordered a halt to demolition of the building and other works on the site., after the Saint Lucia National Trust (SLNT) filed an injunction in the matter.
“PWA finds it rather absurd that at this juncture there is a call, and even an injunction against the demolition of the old HMP building,” the Police Welfare Association said in a written statement Wednesday to St Lucia Times.
“This is a building which has been abandoned for over a decade and, as far as we know, no one, no organization had claimed it, expressed any interest in it or announced any plans for it. For us the police, how does it affect us? For years now, this has been the harboring ground for vagrants, criminals, mosquitoes and rodents- a storage area for garbage, drugs and even stolen items,” the statement observed.
It asserted that the area undoubtedly poses threats to both the health of Police officers and their safety and security.
“We are definitely not opposed to the preservation of historical structures, but at what cost? Our health and safety should be at the top of the priority list,”the PWA statement declared.
It observed that the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force and the Saint Lucia Fire Service need a place to call home and the location of the Castries prison ‘is ideal for us.’
“We call on the powers that be to allow for the demolition and also to see within quick time the erection of the Fire Service and Police Headquarters,” the PWA asserted.


  1. Chicot you are out of your freaking mind!!!!!. Go to the Courts along with the respondents and say that to the Court. WTA is wrong with you all. So now you have lost all logic and replaced it with stupidity. Good thing we do not have to depend on your for a decision on OUR HISTORICAL SITES.

    • Unfortunately, everyone else in St. Lucia is supposed to work comfortably in a healthy safe and secure environment except the Police. No one else seems to understand the that this place is unsafe, unhealthy and a security risk. Surely, it is expected that persons who aren’t affected will sit in their comfort zones and make all sorts of comments on the matter because Police Officers’ lives have never mattered in St. Lucia.

    • I totally agree with you Shorna on the nonsense spoken by the PWA. This release speaks volumes about the police. Imagine the PWA say that criminals are hiding next to police headquarters and a building on the same grounds as the police headquarters is a storage for stolen items and drugs. Then I conclude that the only ones hiding the items and drugs there are the very police or that the police officers are very ineffective.

  2. PWA yall Dam hypocrites!!! Our history matters. If u don’t appreciate our history then u have ni right to represent anyone. Shameless !!!

    • Tell that to the National Trust who sat on their ass for over a decade while the so called “precious history” became rundown, caused rodent infestations around the city and became a health hazard for our police officers.

      People with better vision for the appearance of the city took action where the National Trust had no interest.

      St. Lucia has only been independent for thirty something years. Half the country still dek-dek. What history we have made yet for us to preserve?

      Two Nobel laureates. That’s all.

      Expand the city beautification and let’s move on. Kenny Anthony doesn’t have the energy to move at the speed Allen Chastanet is moving to transform St. Lucia so he’s doing the next best thing, to use his giant waist size to create obstruction.

  3. Leave it to the police to speak plainly and not to mince words.

    For over ten years the National Trust made no move or showed any interest in a rat infested, delapidated building. But as soon as some makes a move to progress the country, all of a sudden it’s a national monument to be preserved.

    Typical behavior. Someone wants to see some progress and development and obstructionists want to stop all that because, I don’t even know why. Maybe that’s just how black people are.

  4. Sad that the PWA can’t understand the reason for preserving history. St Lucia is a young country and we need to start preserving our historical structures for prosterity and tourism. Which country in the world would destroy their history? Why can’t they renovate it? Same for Victoria hospital and others…. that’s what normal people would do.

    • History my ***… same way they renovated the courts spent millions and up to now nobody can work there.. you’ll in you’ll precious offices taking a.c while our policemen and women working in poor conditions.. go take a look at the police barracks..the old CID building.. the building that house Traffic unit ..the building where beat and patrol was that was recently renovated by Rayneau.. then you’ll understand..

  5. Truth, tell me when was the last time you visited the site or took a vacationer to visit the so called “Historic Building” that matter so much to you…i bet you never even knew it was there…

  6. Chicot I share your sentiments. Everything in this country is political, sad state of affairs. Question is why didnt the contract go through the tenders process. Whilst I think the building should be demolished job for the boys is wrong. If govt is doing something to benefit all let it go through the tenders process.

  7. All of urll der preserve. .preserve the place where vagrants coming to smoke shit n poop…the place has been der n no one cared..all of a sudden urll care about history ..tear that rat invested place down n make our city beautiful. All some ppl care about it *****ing politics..

  8. Honestly,you are not thinking properly.Are you still thinking that the police headquarters should still be operating from from those old colonial buildings?

    Police headquarters should have moved a long time ago,you need special features incorporated into the buildings,police stations and headquarters are meticulously designed,and there are reasons for everything in the designe.
    How you position the entrance of personel ,how you handle people that walk in that are not members of the force,the placements of windows,your exit doors
    Holding cells,interrogation quarters,offices for all the various personel officers all the paper work that is done daily.
    Dont you think its time that you all move out to a modern facility,with a proper parking lot,air conditionong ,toilets,kitchen,resting quarters,conference rooms,a modern computer facility a proper radio comunication room.
    Ther are a lot of old buildings that have to come down in Castries,that will clear land for something new and technically built for the beter work of the force.
    Leave the old buildings for museums,wich you guys also have to think about establishing,keep all the old stuff and cherish it,for future generations.

  9. Perhaps Tulshie and Kenny can move there with their families. That prison was an extension of slavery, there is a lot of pain, agony…and even ghosts of prisoners in that wretched place.

    Whoever wants to keep that place (except the homeless) should be willing to live there for at least a year.

  10. If the injunction is successful, that means the proper procedure was not respected; regardless of who is deciding to demolish, build, resurface etc. There is a lawful procedure one has to undertake; as simple as that. Now that the courts have intervened, they will examine the documents, after which they will advice or decide. No big deal!

    • Thanks Japan… True Statement. I really do not understand my fellow Saint Lucians… Why does it have to be about politics??? This ramshackled prison is a health hazard not only for the police officers but for people who have businesses near it. Health overrides history. All of you who are saying that it should not be demolished gives me an idea of: 1) The lack of love that you have for your fellow countrymen, 2) The Importance you place on health and cleanliness & 3) The lack of understanding that you have on how a dilapidated structure like that can be the cause of a major disease out break in the city. (The latter can occur because of the rat infestation, garbage, fecal matter and so forth that is there.) Like Japan in the above statement alluded to: Have you preserved your pit toilet if history is so important to you? Come on Lucians, we are more intelligent than that. Put away yellow and red. NB: Don’t be fooled most of these politicians are friends, and as a result of this you should ‘think’ country first.

  11. Can someone explain what is the history that we are preserving. are we keeping a building just because it is old. Even the persons who built them are tearing them down in their own countries unless there is something unique and very special about them

  12. We need to remove some of the colonial structures and install our own. Create our own legacy and history. Why should a prison be what we wish to remember. A symbol of injustice, abuse, torture etc. The foundation of slavery and colonialism

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