saint lucia passport st lucia
saint lucia passport st lucia

Saint Lucia has slipped in the 2017 Henley & Partners – Kochenov Quality of Nationality Index (QNI), which ranks the quality of nationalities worldwide.

Saint Lucia scored 39.4 percent, 0.2 percent less than in the previous years, placing 67th.

Antigua and Barbuda positioned itself as number one in the OECS Citizen by Investment (CIP) territories, securing the 56th position.

Grenada, which was at number 67 with Saint Lucia,  also scored 39.4 percent, 0.5 percent more than in the previous year, while the St. Kitts and Nevis nationality  did not change in value, scoring 41.5 percent at number 58.

‘The Henley & Partners QNI provides a comprehensive ranking of the quality of nationalities worldwide. To ensure a high level of reliability, a wide variety of strictly quantifiable data is used to gauge the opportunities and limitations that our nationalities impose on us,’ the publishers of the report stated.

They said that for that purpose, the QNI measures both the internal value of nationality, which refers to the quality of life and opportunities for personal growth within  country of origin, and the external value of nationality, which identifies the diversity and quality of opportunities that  the nationality allows persons to pursue outside their country of origin.

However, as reported by Antigua Observer, the QNI report has been criticised by founding member of the Democratic National Alliance, Anthony Stuart.

“That report has no credibility, it is not from an independent source. Henley and Partners is too wrapped up in the selling of passports to give any objective analysis and any objective assessment,” Stuart was quoted as saying.


  1. That’s what happens when Saint Lucia Revokes citizenship of people.
    how can people trust CIP . It will make no money like this

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