Prime Minister Allen Chastanet described it as the hug that  was enough to make his week.

The remarks were posted on Chastanet’s Facebook page with a video recording of a youngster who runs into his arms.

Chastanet embraces the child, much to the youngster’s delight.

Persons in the background can be heard chuckling at the encounter which occurred Tuesday morning.

Chastanet had just ended a visit to the Government Printery to discuss with workers there, the challenges they faced, it was reported.

He is said to have been conversing with another youngster, when the child who later embraced him declared that she always wanted to meet him.

“You always wanted to meet me? You’re not scared? No?” Chastanet is heard asking the girl as they hug each other.

The child nods in the affirmative to the first question and appears to respond in the negative in response to the second query.

By Wednesday afternoon, the video had been viewed two thousand times.




    • Yes it is. And shut the hell up. Your are not human that’s why you are asking such stupid question. And I suspect you were jus playing devil’s advocate

  1. Shut up…. it is to me and to that little girl. You’ll lucians like too much drama. Time we get excited for the simplest of things!!

  2. Yess it is … youll lucians like too much drama. Its time we get excited about the little things like this as it meant something to the little girl. Thats what matters. If was a nastiness video you would see it as news right ? Smdh great stuff little girl you got your wish and i am excited for you!

  3. This is so lovely it put tears in my eyes wow I wish I got a hug when I was a youngster by a prime minister that would definitely make me happy thank u Mr prime minister thank u on making ppl who cares happy and this is good news

  4. SLT, did you have a slow news day? Why has this inconsequential story made the news? Politicians oldest trick, go around hugging and kissing babies and little children then send the photos to all the media outlets. I’m unapologetically harsh on all phony politicians. This man considers the whole government to be his personal commercial business entity. When are the citizens going to see a photo of the PM walking the streets and back alleys of the poorest communities to get first hand evidence as to the life of the poorest among us. He cannot truly appreciate abject poverty unless he witness it for himself. No wonder he doesn’t care.

  5. If it was some bad thing about the prime minister or some blunder he made all you Labour people would be happy to read and make some nasty comments about it. You all would be posting it everywhere and tagging your friends in it. But no when it’s something good you all can’t stomach it. Let the little girl’s moment shine and don’t try to snuff it out with you all negative attitude and comment. Police officer the same significance you shallow hater do my see. It means a lot to her so let it be.

    • Your name is neutral yet you was the first say only “labour people” have something bad to say about the PM. Stop trying to fool people just be honest with your political presence (flambeau ).

  6. PM Chas is very down to earth. Doesn’t matter the colour of his skin. He took time to spend with our youth a young child and made her feel special. We should all take a moment and spread some love instead of hate no mattter our politics. The innocence of this encounter made my day …. not my week though. Keep it up PM! Thanks for fixing the road in Vanard finally after so many years of neglect I see work going on all over so it’s good so far!

  7. I would be happy if this was my DAUGHTER’s WISH being fulfilled. This was her day so no one should mess with her moment. Shine and continue smiling my girl.

  8. Real new: I have two friends, and today they were atakat in town, with so many people around, and no one did or said anything!!!!

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