West Indies cricket is undergoing a rebranding.

The West Indies Cricket Board has announced that its new name is “Cricket West Indies” and all representative teams will now be formally recognise as the WINDIES.

CEO Johnny Grave, commented: “Cricket West Indies better reflects how the organisation operates, as there are many different stakeholders who we work in partnership with, under the unifying aim of improving cricket at all levels within the region. We plan to work even more closely with them over the next few years and consultation will begin immediately as we develop a new strategic plan for 2018-2023.”

President Dave Cameron added: “Whilst the Board of Directors has an important role, we feel that the new name is more inclusive and appropriate, as we want to recognise the valuable role that our players, territorial boards, staff, supporters, governments, coaches, match officials and volunteers, play in the organisation. For Cricket West Indies to operate effectively and efficiently we need all of our stakeholders to work in partnership and the name change is an important first step in our strategy.”

The WINDIES name has long been associated with the representative teams within International cricket and this new brand will be used on all team playing shirts along with a new website focused on providing all WINDIES supporters more user-friendly information including live scores, team updates, videos and player information.

The new website is www.cricketwestindies.org and the new match centre will launch on www.windiescricket.com ahead of the first International T20 against Afghanistan on Friday, June 2.


    • A bunch of arrogant Aristocrats who crucified Sammy and the beautiful game. They should be revealed and rebranded in their foreheads so everyone can see them For who they really are.

  1. We do not live in the West Indies that was by Columbus idea of thought. We are the Caribbean Islands.SA.
    Time to get rid of all the forced titles and themes from Colonialism.
    In as much by latitude, we are Caribbean Islanders.No British and US, Dutch, French
    this and that Islands. We are “The Caribbean Cricket Board.” Now.

    People Vote By Choice Like it or Say No.

  2. Totally agree, if we are changing then or true identity is needed. The Caribbean cricket team.

  3. Why are they not including Sammy,D.Bravo,Gayle etc.in the T20 cricket team?the team has gone downhill since their omission!

  4. I do not care for Sammy or bravo but Gayle is needed, in all the years Sammy played for west indies he has done nothing significant, he hasn’t scored much runs and even his performance with the ball . The same goes for bravo, but Gayle is a force to be reckoned with. And in case you all will wonder, I AM A ST.LUCIAN. (Words deleted)

  5. What’s the difference between west indies cricket and cricket west indies. Same shat same CEO same director same thing going to happen

  6. Rebrand for what? What product is the Board selling? How does rebranding help the team play better cricket? Another Black fantasy!

  7. The west Indies cricket is one of the most important thing in the West Indies and should not be left to struggle on. It’s time for all sport minister in the West Indies get together and find the right famula for our Team to be great again. The cricketing world always comments on the atmosphere of playing cricket in the West Indies. I am a dedicated supporterror. Let’s get it on

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