Georgia Man Kills Masked Teens Who Tried To Rob Him


A Georgia homeowner shot and killed three teens as they approached his residence with their faces covered, authorities said.

The masked teens — a 15-year-old and two 16-year-olds — approached three residents around 4 a.m., Monday, at the front yard of a home just outside Conyers and tried to rob them, the Rockdale County Sheriff’s Office said.
One of the would-be robbers took out a gun and fired shots at them before one of the residents returned fire, authorities said.
“The victims of the attempted robbery were all uninjured, but the three attempted robbery suspects were all shot during the exchange of gunfire and succumbed to their injuries, one on scene and two at a local hospital after being transported,” the sheriff’s department said in a news release.
One neighbor heard someone asking for help, he told CNN affiliate WSB.
“I heard a guy yelling for help. ‘Help me, help me, I’m dying, I’m dying, help me, help me,” Brian Jenkins told the station.
Another neighbor ran out to help after he heard what sounded like five shots from a handgun, he said.
“Then I heard somebody have an assault rifle,” Carlos Watson told WSB. “And it was a slew of shots that came out.”
The teens’ names weren’t immediately released. They were from the area but did not live in the neighborhood they were in, the sheriff’s office said.


  1. Every once in a while I love reading a “feel good” story. This is one of them. It should happen way more often than it does. Props to the homeowner!

  2. I like the ending to this saga. Better grave than jail for the bad guys.. Chalk one up for the good people. Imagine teenagers out at 4:a.m., when they should have been getting a good night’s rest to go to school the next day.

  3. I would bet my life that they were black.god bless America and the right to bare arms and protect one’s self and property. Kill dem all and done.

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