German Mother & Daughter Identified As Cruise Ship Visitors Attacked In Castries

A German mother and her daughter have been identified as the two cruise ship visitors who were attacked in Sans Souci, Castries, Saturday morning.

According to information obtained by St Lucia Times from reliable sources, the two were pounced on by two young thugs after they exited Serenity Park about 10.00 a.m.

It was their first visit here, it was reported.

The young criminals are said to have attempted to snatch a pouch from the older woman, but she and her daughter put up a struggle.

Both  women sustained multiple abrasions during the attack.

The screams of the mother and daughter attracted the attention of others and the bandits fled empty handed.

The two females later returned to their vessel.

A Saint Lucian who operates a business establishment in Sans Souci told St Lucia Times that it appears that a group of criminals is bent on targeting individuals and businesses in the area.

According to the businessman, who said he was aware of the attempt to rob the German visitors, several people have been mugged in Sans Souci and a number of business places have been broken into in recent times.

Earlier his week, a couple reported being robbed at gunpoint in Serenity Park.


  1. Some areas should be saturated with law enforcement personnel. Some of us can remember how people used to get robbed in Bryant park and in the Time Square area in New York, and the then Mayor cleaned up those areas. Now there are fashion shows held in Bryant park yearly and people are flocking to the Time Square area without having to worry about those rats and rodents on two feet. The Prime Minister of St. Kitts just announced that he is going to saturate areas where tourist frequent with constables.

  2. These young fools have no plan for a future,I wonder how they’ll be in their 40’s or 50’s…Because you can only run for so long.All your life you can’t be snatching people’s items,the next step for them is turning into Jombies.

  3. We need police presence in serenity park. As for the Sans Souci area police patrols is a must. Breakings are a regular occurrence.

  4. We visited St. Lucia 13 months ago. This was our third visit to your beautiful country. It wasn’t a great visit like the two visits we had before. Our first 2 visits were so great and had so much fun we wanted to come back. We are coming back in Feb/ March and taking our daughter to show off your beautiful Island. We ate hoping this visit won’t Include the disrespectful,panhandling , dope peddling people we encountered last time.

  5. So why is there not police presence in the areas around the cruise shipping port?
    This should be happening on all days up to areas like the Chausee where tourists can wander.
    It would take only one doped up fool to stab a tourist for the industry to go down the drain.
    Tourism is all we have going for us with no new investment and this government borrowing like reckless fools.
    Arrogant and clueless Sara should come down from her high horse and start doing something about her constituency.

  6. One day they will attempt this at the wrong person and get a deadly surprise. These guys are too useless. Smh.

  7. 01/20/2019

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  8. thats what happens when u have government officials interfere in operation restore confidence.. n i leave it at that

  9. It’s time to bring back operation Restore Confidence..
    ITS A NECESSITY.. it’s time the police took to streets back from these dirty useless mad mind criminals and let st.lucians and visitors feel safe to walk the streets free again.

    • I agree with you. Always want to blame government for these lawless individuals. A relative of ours got robbed by two young thugs in their early 20s with a gun as he walked home from Sans Soucis to La Clery. This area seems to be the target for these young boys.

  10. So we cannot blame the police… we have to blame the government you all put there! The ghetto yutes hungry! No jobs for them so they have to turn to crime we need a better economy everything just getting expensive salaries not going up! No assistance from the govt! That’s where the issue starts from bad governing! Whether red or yellow!

  11. We cannot keep biting the hand that feeds us. The focus of this group presently is getting as many tourist to our shores with no plan in place to protect them. Forward thinking individuals would have realized and instituted this as and overall tourism package. You cannot have one without the other. A plan should have been part and parcel of thier overall process. The conundrum for these guys are they only look at the revenue part of things and pay no interest in the other. These two go hand in hand. Without protection for the tourist they are doomed to failure. Reminds me of the St. Jude’s fiasco. Don’t want to pay money for updates to the hosipitals but would like people to think their healthcare is adequate. All these go hand in hand in my estimation. A nation who inhibits the basic necessities to it’s subjects, cannot and will never be one who is prosperous. Our leaders are letting us down. There is hope, for in the darkest of hours the stars always seem to shine brighter.

    • Lincoln,
      I am firmly convinced that it will take a major incident to stoke a fire under the politicians behinds. It will take an incident of the “bodoos”kind to get dynamics. Simple things like taking away judges discretionary sentencing for gun crimes remain undone. Upping the prison sentences for gun crimes absent. They have failed to recognize that the gun is the x-factor on the island. People are less likely to assist with crime if they perceive gun involvement.

      The general atmosphere of lawlessness is not good for business… especially if your business is tourism. Successive governments are engrossed in getting visitors to the shore and neglecting the protection aspect of the plan. In short, they are myopic.
      The law of probabilities points to St. Lucia experiencing a major, major tourists incident in the coming years if she doesn’t mend her ways. You thing “tings” bad now, eh?

  12. I will never come back to saint Lucia again my mom got her necklace snatched from her the only gift she had from her deceased son. And you guys tourism minister sucks Mr fedee

  13. I was driving that morning, approximately 9:45 a.m. and I did witness the tourist on the ground with the guy struggling. I parked my car by Lucelec and ran to see what was happening. When I reached the guys had already flee the scene. The tourist got bruises on her arms and was bleeding, they went back to the ship and told the other tourist what happen. What had me puzzle, not one police officer was present near Serenity park. I tried calling the Mayor via telephone but did not get a response. What a sad day for us.

  14. Well, if people believe that by doing the same thing over and over and expect a different result, well they are more than insane. When the law is for the criminals, tell me what the hell you expect to happen…When people are engaged in criminal activity and gets 3 meals a day like its at a hotel, what do you expect? People murdering others and they sit in jail getting 3 meals a day, what do you expect? The system all over the world is designed to suit the criminals. So basically, it has to do with how the system is designed. And of course the system is designed by government, So unless the system is design to protect law abiding citizens, crime will only escalate day after day. We all know what the real problem is.The criminals has more human rights than the victims.Then I see all these stupid comments, which doesn’t make any sense !

  15. We’ve been to beautiful Saint Lucia on 5 different cruises and stayed for a week at an inclusive. Wonderful times and the people were wonderful. We always plan to come back but are unsure now because of these things that are happening. I read the Saint Lucia Times every week and hope things get better soon. Your island is paradise to us please be strong.

  16. When are we going to learn? There is no time to let down your guard. Those criminals do not sleep they are just walking around for opportunities to jump at any chance they get. Are we running out of Constables to man the streets?

  17. we need a similar restore restore confidence, this time restore our streets, towns and villages, we need to take back Saint Lucia from the hands of these criminals and if we dint act swiftly we will suffer the
    consequences dearly. Too many young men about the street with nothing doing just laying await for the next person to rob. Also I have noticed no police presence in San souci and along vigie on cruise ship days, and many tourist wonder about in these areas, I am hoping the authorities see this. God put a hand on our little island.

  18. We have visited St. Lucia for the last 20 winters and plan to again be there in February of this year. We stay near Reduit Beach and have never felt fear while on the beach or walking along Reduit Beach Road to one of the many restaurants in Rodney Bay. That being said, we are now beginning to think twice about return visits to your lovely island. We are ever amazed that despite there being a police station near the entrance to Spinnakers we have never seen a police presence in that station nor on the street. Isn’t it about time that the police patrol the busiest tourist areas before there is a crime/are crimes which negatively impact the tourist trade, or worse before someone is seriously injured or dies? Sitting back and doing nothing will cause serious harm to innocent people, to say nothing about the effect on tourism.

  19. Its nothing to do with no jobs dem jackasses lazy an want to depend on robbing ppl to survive y’all priceless young men out there y’all time must end

  20. So what happened to the City Police that used to be up at San Souci and they patrol on John Compton Highway ? They used to do that and what Modeste seating down for ? Now City Police is on trace ? Time for Modeste to go !

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