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German tourist attacked in Castries

A German tourist was attacked by three young thugs today, Tuesday, December 13, 2016, as she walked near the Castries Market.

Brigitte Glover told the Times she was walking  near the market after disembarking from the cruise vessel – Costa Magica, when three young men attacked her.

“They ripped my bag and they dragged me on the ground with my bag,” she recalled.

The German tourist said she let the bag go and the young criminals ripped her camera off her arm before running off.

She sustained a cut near her elbow and wiped away the blood with a rag.

There was also dirt on her clothing.


Glover said the trio  who attacked her got nothing of any value to them personally.

She disclosed that they made off with her sunglasses, an umbrella and an ‘old’ camera worth about twenty dollars.

However she lamented that all the photos of her cruise were in the device.

“All the cruise I cannot look at again,” Glover lamented.

She told the Times that she still had her money and her telephone with her.

“They got nothing – they’re stupid,” Glover declared.

The German tourist said:

“I told them ‘give me my camera -please, you see the camera has a rubber band, please it is not worth it for you, it is worth it for me’.”

But Glover told the Times the young men did not listen.

She said her mother, who accompanied her on the cruise,  had told her to stay on the ship because it was not safe to disembark in Castries.

“I told her ah what, I can go I am a big girl – but look, she was right,” Glover stated.

She revealed that other tourists were also attacked.

Glover said criminals ripped  a gold chain from the neck of a male visitor.

“Now his neck is hurting,” she told the Times.

She said having heard of the incident with the gold chain, she had left her credit card on board the cruise ship.

It was Glover’s first visit to Saint Lucia.

A local man who saw the attack on the German visitor told the Times the three young men had brushed past him.

He said although he was wearing a ‘big’ gold chain, the thugs paid him no mind.

According to the local, after the trio passed, he heard a woman scream.

He said when he looked around he saw the  lone female visitor being attacked.

The man said he shouted to the attackers: “What are you doing to the lady?”

He told the Times the thugs responded by hurling expletives and threats at him, while challenging him to intervene.

The man said he shoved his hand in his pocket to give the appearance of having a weapon and ran behind the fleeing criminals but at a fairly safe distance, because he had nothing to defend himself with in the event of a confrontation.

He recalled that two of the attackers wore red shirts and another was wearing a blue shirt.

“Young fellows, very young fellow that did that,” the eyewitness told the Times.

He said none of them wore masks.

“If a police was right there with me I was making them arrest them right there.” the eyewitness declared.

Taxi drivers and others at La Place Carenage where the tourist made a report, expressed outrage at the incident and concern that police officers were nowhere to be seen at the time of the incident at about 5 pm.


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