Germany: Doctor shot dead by patient

Sky News:- A doctor has died after being shot at a hospital in Berlin – reportedly by a patient who then turned the gun on himself.

The gunfire erupted at around 1pm on Tuesday at the Benjamin Franklin campus of the Charite university hospital in the German capital.

A spokesman for police told the AFP news agency: “According to preliminary information, a patient at the hospital shot a doctor and then killed himself.”

The male doctor later died.

German police said there was no sign of a link between the shooting and terrorism, and there was no suggestion of other suspects.

The attacker and the doctor have not been named by officials.

It comes after a series of attacks in German cities in the last week which have prompted calls for stricter gun laws in the country.

On 18 July, four passengers on a train and a passer-by were wounded in an axe attack in Wuerzurg.

On Sunday, a suspected suicide bomber killed himself and injured 12 others outside a wine bar in the city of Ansbach.

On the same day, a 21-year-old Syrian refugee was arrested in Reutlingen after a pregnant woman was killed with a machete.

And on Friday, 18-year-old German-Iranian teenager David Ali Sonbolykilled nine people during a gun rampage in a Munich shopping centre.