Wednesday, November 13, 2019

Germany: Top Journalist Sacked Over Fabricated Stories

German news magazine Der Spiegel has sacked an award-winning staff writer, the BBC has reported.

The magazine accused him of inventing details and quotes in numerous stories.

Claas Relotius “falsified articles on a grand scale and even invented characters”, Der Spiegel said.

Among the articles in question are major features that had been nominated for or won awards, the BBC quoted Der Spiegel as saying.

Relotius, 33, admitted deceiving readers in some 14 stories published in Der Spiegel, the magazine said.

The publication said it was working to establish the full extent of the ‘fabrications’.

The matter became known after a colleague who worked with Relotius raised suspicions about his reporting.

After initially denying the allegations, Mr Relotius confessed last week to inventing entire passages of text in several instances, Der Spiegel says.

In some articles, he is said to have included individuals he had never met or spoken to, “telling their stories or quoting them”.

“By his own admission, there are at least 14 articles,” the magazine said, adding: “Could that figure actually be considerably higher?”

Der Speigel said the reporter’s actions were committed “intentionally” and “methodically”.


  1. He should try his hand at writing novels or works of fiction as this seems to be his forte given his vivid imagination.

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