Wi-Fi Zone begins implementation in Canaries

Press Release:–  The Government of Saint Lucia through the Department of Public Service in collaboration with the Government of the Republic of China (Taiwan) recently launched the Government Islandwide Network (GINet) Project—Canaries Wi-Fi Zone.

The GINet project will provide residents, tourists and businesses with free or low-cost internet thereby reducing the digital divide associate in urban to rural areas affected by low internet penetration.

The Ambassador the Republic of China (Taiwan) to Saint Lucia, His Excellency Douglas Shen, explained the benefits of the initiative undertaken through the joint efforts of Saint Lucia and Taiwan.

“It is essential for local businesses to be connected to their global customers and also for young people to explore the digital world of knowledge. The success of the GINet project will turn Saint Lucia into an OECS hotspot for internet technology,” he said.

“Over the years Taiwan has emerged to become one of the world’s leading users of ICT products and the pioneers of offering free Wi-Fi on a large scale for its citizens and foreign tourists. On behalf of the government of the Republic of China Taiwan, I would like to congratulate the people of Saint Lucia on the commencement of the islandwide Wi-Fi service. I also want to recognize the excellent work of the GINet team from our two countries.”

Parliamentary Representative for Anse La Raye and Canaries, Minister in the Office of the Prime Minister with responsibility for Tourism, Information and Broadcasting, Hon. Dominic Fedee, expressed gratitude to Taiwan for the services rendered to the people of Canaries.

“It is an extremely proud day for us here in the community of Canaries Mr. Ambassador,” he said. “We get to become the first Wi-Fi village in Saint Lucia, and we are truly grateful. Your friendship is not only felt at the diplomatic level, but also at the grassroots level.”

The official launch of the GINet Project took place on May 2, at the Canaries Community Club, housed in the Old Church Building, Canaries.