Girlfriend seeking answers after fatal shooting on Jeremie Street

The girlfriend of Jacmel resident, Dwayne William, who was fatally shot on Jeremie Street Sunday, has declared that the deceased did not interfere with anyone.

‘He is always by himself – he is a most quiet person,’ the girlfriend, who is known as Tamara, said.

‘I just cannot understand that is he that happened to,’ Tamara, who disclosed that she and the deceased had been together for the last six years, stated.

She said she has no idea why anyone would have wanted to kill William, who is also known as ‘Zoe Zoe’.

‘I never know he in no trouble, so I just don’t know,’ Tamara declared.

She explained that on Sunday morning the deceased was planning to go to the beach and she was planning to accompany him and some others but unexpectedly, she was summoned to go to work.

‘I end up leaving him – I kiss him and I go. I say ‘Babes, see you later’,’ Tamara recalled.

She said William called a friend and told the friend that they would proceed to the beach.

Tamara said it appeared that the deceased and the friend planned to meet in Castries and then proceed to the beach.

William was shot, apparently by a lone gunman, on Sunday morning and died later at Victoria Hospital.

Saint Lucia has so far recorded seven homicides for the year.


  1. Always quiet, and not troubling anyone. A big Sunday a man walk up to your man and shoot him -SMH. I guess he should have been troublesome etc.

  2. Dunstan u said he was a killer who would know better than u because u were the one who introduced him to that profession.

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