GMVV has delivered more than 1,800,000 homes throughout the country

RNV: The Great Mission Housing Venezuela (GMVV) has delivered 1,853,070 housings to the same number of families in the national territory, said on Thursday the Minister of People’s Power for Housing and Habitat, Manuel Quevedo.

In the framework of the delivery of 240 new apartments in Ciudad Tiuna, Caracas, built thanks to the Venezuela-Belarus agreement, he highlighted that 54% of the goal of houses built in the urban complex has been reached.

“We are making progress in what we call historical milestones, 1,853,070 housings (…) There are 240 apartments, here in Ciudad Tiuna, we are reaching 54% of that goal. Of 15,276 today we are delivering 240 that are incorporated and are 8,213 families that are already living here”, he said.

He stressed that in the housing complex, the Great Housing Mission Venezuela develops the construction of a total of 7,003 homes

He added that despite the economic war and the financial siege imposed by the US Government, the Bolivarian Government keeps building new homes for the Venezuelan family.

He stressed that by the end of this year it is expected that two million families receive the keys to their worthy roofs and three million homes will be delivered by 2019.

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