GoFundMe Set Up For Visitor Who Survived Tragic Accident

A GoFundMe  has been set up for Endurance Endy from Moore, Oklhoma, who was one of the survivors of a tragic accident here on November 8 that claimed the life of her fiancé, Reubin Turner.

The two were to have been married less than 24 hours later.

Photo from GoFundMe page

The GoFundMe page, set up by Jenny Lupton, revealed that Endurance, a flight attendant, suffered a fractured neck and rib.

“The road to recovery and healing, both her body and her heart, is going to be long.
She needs our support during this time of healing,” according to the site.

“All donations will be sent to Endurance to help cover medical and any expenses while she is off work,” the GoFundMe site said.

Emergency officials here reported that the rented Suzuki in which Reubin Turner and three other vsitors were travelling plunged over a precipice near the Ti Kaye Resort in Anse La Raye.

Turner, who is reported to have been the driver, was later pronounced dead while the others were taken to hospital for treatment.