Gonsalves Pleads With Vincentians To Leave La Soufrière Danger Zones

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The Prime Minister of Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Dr. Ralph Gonsalves, Sunday pleaded with Vincentians who are still in the danger zones after La Soufrière volcano erupted, to ‘get out’.

“I am pleading with persons – please,” he said.

“You know, it’s past the hour to get out,” the Vincentian Prime Minister said on NBC Radio.

“There is no sense in being so individualistic and foolhardy,” Gonsalves warned.

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“We are very concerned about you and we love you very much and we want you to come out and be in the shelters,” the he explained.

He recalled that on Saturday, the Coast Guard and other vessels went to Owia to evacuate individuals.

However, Gonsalves revealed that only 18 people left.

But  he said as things got worse, the authorities received more requests to go for others.

As a result, he disclosed that 72 individuals left on Saturday.

However, the Vincentian Prime Minister asserted that the lives of the rescuers and those still in the danger zone are at risk.

Gonsalves said on Saturday he spoke with an individual who said as many as 50 people may still have been in Sandy Bay.

But he disclosed that authorities cannot dock in Sandy Bay.

In addition, Gonsalves said that no buses will go there.

As a result, he said the Coast Guard Commander had suggested that if anyone is in the Sandy Bay area, they could walk or get to Owia somehow.

“And inform us and we will try and get the safe boats again to go with, hopefully, the medivac vessel,” Gonsalves advised.


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