Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Goodwill Fishermen’s Society Official Denounces Remarks By UWP’s Vincent London

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The Operations Manager of the Goodwill Fishermen’s Cooperative Society Limited has denounced Vincent London of the ruling United Workers Party (UWP), over statements on a political platform on July 14, 2021,.

“London indicated that the incomplete facilities at the Savannes Bay landing site is a result of a deliberate effort by the Goodwill Fishermen’s Cooperative to derail the water and electricity connection. I would like to state categorically that this is untrue,”  Kaygianna Charlery said in a statement on Friday.

She explained that the society has no jurisdiction over the facility until it has officially been handed over by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries.

Charlery said the society has continued to dialogue with the permanent secretary and the chief fisheries officer.

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And made reference to evidence in the form of an email trail and WhatsApp messages that prove continued dialogue with the authorities.

“Just about a week ago, I had a conversation with the Minister responsible – Honourable Ezechiel Joseph, regarding the opening of that facility,” she disclosed.

“In fact, Vincent London needs to come clean with the fishers about why for the past five years under a UWP administration, the facility has remained closed and the water and electricity have not been connected,” Charlery stated.

She said as far as she knows, there have been two electrical inspections  at the facility, but the electricity is yet to be connected.

Charlery said that in addition to being the Operations Manager of the Goodwill Fishermen’s Cooperative Society, she is also a known supporter and member of the Saint Lucia Labour Party and part of the campaign team of the SLP candidate in Vieux Fort North, Moses Jn Baptiste.

“I know then that this is an attempt to attack Moses Jn Baptiste and the SLP campaign in the race to the polls. But it is an unscrupulous attempt for Vincent London to attempt to achieve this by bringing to disrepute a long standing organization in that of the cooperative,” she stated.

Charlery said that as an individual, she has learned to separate her professional and political lives.

In addition, she declared that to assert that Vieux Fort North fishers should form a cooperative separate from Vieux Fort South goes  against every principle that cooperatives stand for and should not be preached or encouraged.

She called on Vincent London to retract his ‘deliberate and categorically untrue’  statements and apologise to the members and management of the Goodwill Fishermen’s Society.

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