VIDEO: Government addresses issue of health care

The Government of Saint Lucia addresses the issue of Health Care through a special discussion programme with Prime Minister the Honourable Allen Chastanet, Honourable Mary Isaac and Minister for Economic Development the Honourable Guy Joseph:



  1. Chastanet can you please tell me why there is a need to build another wing at St.Judes? Somehow you told the nation that St. Judes had too many buildings. So why add another wing.

  2. Mr. P.M. Minister Isaac and Minister Joseph, are you telling us the truth about our health care? We would like to know!

  3. I wonder if the management problems associated with St. Jude have been addressed. Wasted materials are a direct result of human behavior.

    I concur with the belief that foreigners will not move here with the current quality of healthcare. had a terrible accident in Laborie last Feb. and waited 1.5 hours in severe pain before seeing an ambulance. I laid in a stadium, bleeding internally for two days, the first 12 hours without any pain medication. Thank god I had medivac insurance and was flown to the U.S. where they saved my life.

    Medical tourism? I think this is a bizarre dream. Far too many other countries have done this successfully, have a pipeline and reputation. Health care is not a strength in St. Lucia. Starting this late is not wise. Focus on the strengths of St. Lucia and invest in the development of the people.

  4. Who are the persons in the best position to know exactly what is best for the Health Care System. Of course, the medical practitioners who work in the system on a daily and regular basis. Chastanet, Guy and Mary Isaac have superficial knowledge about the Health Care System. Consultations and deliberations are needed with the medical professionals and the government to resolve and rectify the current issues plaguing this very important ministry. Chastanet and his band of slavish followers seem determined to omit the doctors, nurses and other health care providers from the discussion for whatever reason is beyond comprehension. The people to do precisely what they are presently doing to the medical fraternity during the next general elections campaign. Give them a deaf ear. This government, sadly, has turned out to be a One Term government. Atrociously arrogant and mind bogglingly inept.

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