Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Government Addressing Safety Issues At St Jude Hospital

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Health, Wellness, and Elderly Affairs Minister Moses Jn Baptiste has told reporters that the government is seeking to address safety issues at the current stadium location of St Jude Hospital.

A section of the canopy on the East Wing of the stadium collapsed at about 12:50 PM on Saturday, April 16, 2022.

“I am pleased to report that the canopy was completely removed and now the East wing, there’s no canopy to cause any problems at this time. The canopy at the Western end of the stadium will also be removed so work was done and completed. So right now, this canopy has been completely removed,” the Health Minister told reporters.

But he expressed concern regarding other parts of the stadium.

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“We are working with the Department of Infrastructure to see how best we can make the stadium even safer,” Jn Baptiste explained.

” The conditions are not ideal at all, and we have said so over and over again, and we are working feverishly to ensure we return to the original St Jude site,” the Vieux Fort North MP stated.

Headline photo: Canopy collapse at St Jude Hospital

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  1. You can play a Relay race from the Junk built by the Americans as a temporary Military Hospital knowing they wont be around too long, it was during the Missile Tracking time in the 1950’s trying to get a man into Space. That so called Hospital was built with mainly Combustible Material – and that is a no-no – they knew, at that time, anything goes. Then came fire; the St. Lucian Government at the time seeing a half-AXX Stadium, not used as such, begun to use it for the sick; but that was a long time ago.
    Someone then decided to build a new, more modern and proper Hospital, work was going on until Electiongs came about and the big boss who run things from the P.M. office demand a stop. ‘must frustrate anything started by HIM’ the people in the South don’t have a say, Kenny Better shut up, I’ll do it my way, No new Hospital, back and forth Relay race as before. Baptiste in a safe seat, so no new Hospital.(Don’t forget, there is a God above)

  2. I must say that yall slp leaders are really good in using we the people from the north. The only reason they selected him as minister of health is because they wanted him to push that vaccine. They know its not popular and it wouldn’t hurt him coming next elections cause vfort north don’t want anything good for them. ( meaning change)

  3. As if the governmebt do nit jniw wgat is happening or what will happen? The health minister’s home is not even 5 minutes druce away from the stadium. Dyring a sporting event he can hear kids cheering while at his home. All governments past and present know the sutuation and the risk of keeping sick people in a rundown stadium. They know how st lucian bationals contributed to try to get the original st jude back functional. will it take anither fire or stadium collapseto get proper gealth care in st jude. pushibg to get people vaccinated. but not pushing for a proper facility?

  4. In contrary i like the showcase of this structure very welcoming to our tourist. Some tourist might say wow even here Putin bomb look that building. Luckily the parslin project is now over run by bushes.

  5. Bravo Mr. Jn Baptiste for working very hard to improve health matters in the South. You said you are working feverishly to return to the original St. Jude, but after that, what else might I ask? I understand that an attempt was made and that construction was going on for a more modern Hospital in Vieux Fort, why was this stopped? the South needs your help and I hope with your tenacity that newer Hospital will be built. May God Bless you Sir; thank you.

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