Government Details Road Rehabilitation Plans

The Government of Saint Lucia is continuing efforts at strengthening the island’s infrastructure in the face of climate change, it has been announced.

The government of Taiwan has provided a US$50 million loan to finance major road rehabilitation works, the Government Information Service (GIS) has reported.

The GIS quoted Prime Minister Allen Chastanet as saying that local revenue is also being used.

“In addition to the US$50 million, the gasoline tax has been collecting approximately EC$30 million a year, and that money is going to be used over the first five years in order to complement that spending,” Chastanet explained.

“So the money collected last year has been used for pothole repair work around the country as well as the refurbishment of some roads. All in all, we are looking to spend around EC$300 million in the next three years on major road redevelopments in Saint Lucia.”

The Cul-de-Sac bridge is also earmarked for rehabilitation with financing from the Government of Japan.

“Plans originally included the Ravine Poisson bridge as well as the Cul-de-Sac bridge,” the prime minister said.

He disclosed that the  bid was done recently and estimates were much higher than expected.

Chastanet said that as a result, agreement has been reached  to remove the Ravine Poisson bridge and finance that through a different mechanism, while focussing  the $40 million, which the Japanese are bringing, to commence that project.

“My understanding in speaking with the Ambassador of Japan today is that we’re hoping by February that will be completed, and we can commence works soon afterward,” the PM stated.

A grant provided by the UK Government through the Department for International Development, DFID, has been allocated for reconstruction of the West Coast Road.



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