Government In Talks Regarding Pre-Paid Electricity For Vulnerable Saint Lucians

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Saint Lucia’s Ministry for Equity, Social Justice, and Empowerment is in discussion with St. Lucia Electricity Services Limited (LUCELEC) about providing pre-paid electricity and solar modems to vulnerable households.

We hear more in this John Emmanuel report:

Source: Ministry for Equity, Social Justice, and Empowerment. Headline photo: Stock imageĀ 

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Editorial Staff
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  1. Rent electricity?
    Go solar instead … this has been proven world wide to be far more efficient TO CONSUMERS.
    We have sun, year round.
    We have wind, year round.
    Give people INCENTIVE: rewards, credits, tax breaks, for using solar.
    A few years ago, the Inland Revenue gave tax breaks to people who installed solar water heaters in their homes – the KDA stamped it out!!
    If your party’s slogan is “for the people” – why? oh why? implement RENT ELECTRICITY?

    • this is the reason i never vote. different colour same shit… no one at the bottom end of the social strucutre moves up. if eveyone had equal benefits, assets resources,etc.. and money, they will not be rich or have power…
      incentives are there, but to access it is another story by itself..

  2. I used that system in Dominica. It can be very stressful. Sometimes the electricity goes off on persons who don’t have the funds to replenish or does not have an agent open to make the purchase. The only was would be if one can pay using debit card online. I believe it is more expensive too. I will conduct some research. The best way is for one to create a budget and purchase monthly based on consumption. It also depends on the minimum one can purchase at any given time

  3. Why does government focus so much on low ROI projects in times of crisis. Finish the damn hospital with your stupid solar powered modems. Everyone has a battery powered hotspot in their mobile phone.

  4. I think while you at it, your government should reintroduce Stand Pipes all over the country and Public Toilets as well. Instead of coming up with a plan to help strengthen the economy and make more jobs available so persons can earn a fair days pay you pull us back into the 1970’s.

    • no standpipes..that’s a problem for public and WASCO. WASCO has enough to deal with and you adding more problems.. what benefit is there for standpipes?


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