Saturday, February 29, 2020

Government Making Some $1000 A Week In ‘Pee’ Fines

Castries Mayor, Peterson Francis, has disclosed that the government of Saint Lucia is making ‘at least’ $1000 a week, from persons caught urinating in public.

“Nearly every week now the government is making $1,000 at least, minimum, for people who have been caught urinating and have to go to court and pay,” Francis said.

He explained that the law against public urination has always been there.

“But we know in Saint Lucia even if you are doing something that is good, first thing they ask you ‘Yes, you’re arresting people. Where are the washrooms?’” Francis told a ceremony Friday morning to officially open a new washroom in the City.

“I can assure you that you have people coming next to the washroom and using the walls. They will not go into the washrooms and they will still ask you ‘Where is the washroom?’” He lamented.

“You have minibus drivers – they have passengers on board. They have tourists on board. They stop anywhere and go at the back of the vehicle and urinate,” the Mayor declared.

He said that culture has to change.

“I have promised Saint Lucians one thing. As long as Peterson Francis is Mayor, he will hold and uphold what is correct,” he said to applause from the gathering at the ceremony.

“I know that I am a target man, but who am I? Even God was targeted – God was crucified; I am very lucky- I am following in his footsteps,” he explained.

He expressed his gratitude to businessman, Maher Chreiki, for erecting the public washroom at his new building on the William Peter Boulevard.

Francis called on corporate Saint Lucia to join with the Castries Constituencies Council to make Saint Lucia a better place.

He spoke of what he called ‘qualified critics’.

“In Saint Lucia, we have critics and we have what we call’ Gardains’ who always know something will happen – when it happens. They criticise they never suggest a solution ‘Try that. I believe you should have done it that way’. No, they are just criticizing just to criticize and we must stop and everywhere I go I preach that we must stop the politics of these things,” Francis asserted.

“Forget about the politics we are playing with the lives of Saint Lucians,” he said.

He said the criticisms come from people who know better.

Francis referred specifically to the renaming of Serenity Park which is now the Sir George William Mallet Serenity Park.

He expressed the view that people do not have the facts.

“People just talk,” he lamented.



  1. I support this initiative to keep the dirty Castries clean, this thousand dollars is from St Lucians only. What do we get from Ojo Labs and by the way does the country receive anything from Rick Wayne except telling us about Grynberg ? Tell us we need to know.

    • I never thought that firing a man from the senate could make him so angry for so many years. Poor Rick. As long as he remembers that senate firing he will remain angry and unhappy. Drop it Rick.

  2. “Nearly every week now the government is making $1,000 at least, minimum, for people who have been caught urinating and have to go to court and pay,” Francis said.

    I’m not knocking the mayor but we shouldn’t be proud that we’re making money off this. It’s actually a shame. We’re a relatively small island and a lot of our revenue is dependent on our natural beauty. Also from a health perspective, let’s move to educate our people (especially our kids) as to the dangers of this practice. What the government is making from this is of no consequence unless it is being used to address the underlying issue of ignorance. #myhumbleopinion

  3. Comparing himself to God…. this man ego knows no bounds but kudos to the Anti- pee initiative we need to stop this disgusting habit. And the only way you stop someone from dong something is to hurt their pockets

  4. Good job Mayor! Keep plugging away at a better SLU. Definitely, trying to bring the place up to the quality you once knew.

  5. I don’t think comparing one’s self to God in the way the Mayor did is egotistical. People say it all the time: if they crucified God, I can be crucified also. And the Mayor is correct when he said even bus and tour operators urinate just about anywhere. We have to take pride in our island. St. Lucia is such a beautiful place; keep it clean. Cleanliness is next to Godliness.

  6. Yes, keep the city clean by having 2 to 3 public restrooms around the city and hire someone to keep them cleaned…. Come on guys, you are trying to enforce a law without a solutions.

  7. Poor steroid Ricky,let him bla,bla alone,he never reached Hollywood like his friend Arnold and that is his most frustrating part of his life,he failed there,then he gets fired from the Senate,the pigeons missed shitting on him outside the court house,what else.The piss problem is that the guys refuse to pay the cents to enter the toilets,pure economics.The Mayor is doing the right thing,in this area.

  8. They should also have washroom on the bus stands for the drivers cause some will just pee in that same area , especially Gros islet bus drivers

  9. As the mayor said you must find criticism..but I say st.Lucia has two different types of people and it’s difficult to determine who is who It’s like cornmeal and flour together it’s difficult to separate them and this is where you find intelligence and idiotic .personal opinion.

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