Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Government Of Saint Lucia Outlines Position On Russian Applicants To CIP

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The Government of Saint Lucia (GOSL) wishes to express its deep disappointment with the
repeated comments made by former Prime Minister and Leader of the Opposition, Hon. Allen Chastanet in relation to the Citizenship Investment Unit and acceptance of Russian applicants.

The Government believes that these comments are irresponsible, malicious, and deliberately designed to hurt Saint Lucia, the people of Saint Lucia, and the Programme.

Hon. Chastanet knows that the Programme has been acting in accordance with all international decisions and actions. Hon. Allen Chastanet knows the importance of the CIP to Saint Lucia.

The Government of Saint Lucia has joined the rest of the international community to condemn the Russian invasion of Ukraine and expressed its solidarity and support for the Government and the People of Ukraine.

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The GOSL will continue to support all international efforts to sanction the regimes in Russia and Belorussia and will take all necessary action when called upon to do so.

The GOSL has clearly stated that Saint Lucia, as a principle, does not support the discrimination of any person based on their nationality.

The GOSL supports the call to restrict the access of any Russian national to use the CIP to avoid sanctions and mask their affiliation to the Russian regime.

However, some individuals have applied who have lived outside Russia for many years and
themselves have been persecuted or needed to flee the actions of the regime. It was felt that these people should not be abandoned and disregarded once they pass due diligence.

The CIP Unit in Saint Lucia now has a very rigid and robust due diligence process that is done in consultation with our international partners and friendly Governments.

The GOSL has continued to dialogue and discuss with all its international friends to ensure that it is part of the international effort to restrict the Russian regime and to ensure transparency and openness in the operations of its CIP Unit. Accordingly, the GOSL will now do the following:

1. Review all the Russians who have been given citizenship during the Allen Chastanet
administration and to date to ensure that no one who is sanctioned was granted citizenship
and a passport;

2. Revoke the citizenship of anyone who was granted citizenship and is now sanctioned.
Citizens who are not on the sanctions list will continue to enjoy citizenship;

3. Suspend the processing of applications from nationals of the Russian Federation and the
Republic of Belarus.

The GOSL will continue to make representation for persons who are special cases suffering from persecution and discrimination from the Russian regime and are in need of support in these difficult circumstances.

Source: Office Of The Prime Minister

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  1. Believe it or not – this is ‘World War Three’ at it’s beginning – pick on what side you wanna be. That’s no alarm, Russia knew before starting, she could take Ukraine, no problem. now its everybody’s problem. Don’t turn all your Hotels into refuge centres; but it can/will happen.

  2. Com0n guys, I came here expecting to read about applicants for CIP – be it Russians or Belarusians – all I’m reading is Chastanet said or didn’t say, damn it grow up, the lot of you; the Russians are not dumb, after reading this they must be laughing. Let them apply for Cuban or Venezuelan Citizenship, never, and you know why?
    So you are so affectionate to Russians and associates, who have lived outside of Russia, but because they are multi multi millionaires and want to travel, with non-Russian Passport, you wont discard them so now we have blue eye blond hair Lucians, travelling all over the world. What a joke, so all this is Chastanet fault before the war. Bone Deau come help St. Stlicia.

  3. The Chastnet and his blind supporters are all unhinged.

    As a member of the UWP I am intelligent enough to know that I should never support Chastnet in his foolishness. I will support what makes sense (But )

    He has not been a trustworthy source and will never be , the man entire DNA is wired with lies.

    In my entire life I have come across three people that lies for no reason and Chastnet holds the crown .

  4. Toot chew helie not good. The man won for one reason alone to full his pockets. Maundy we really don’t want to hear your bullshit.
    Trying to make your administration look like they’re there for the people.
    Hell no you all are not, it’s about your hacks. To hell with the little man. Jadia said it not me.
    Chas thanks for the pressure keep it coming 👍👍

  5. Slp administration is clueless selling their souls to the devil..mostly every country putting sanctions on Russia for no..pjp let st lucians go if you make America put sanctions on st lucians I want to know who going to feed our families..

  6. Now who should I believe. Phillip J Pierre of Earnest Heliare? Is this getting hot Pip? You are speaking.

  7. Most ridiculous press statement. The release was never specific as to what comments made my the leader of the opposition that are irresponsible and malicious. Also in the end they went ahead with that Allen Chastnet is suggesting “to suspend applications from Russian Nationals and Belarus”.

      • Well then kindly point it out since you seemed to hear something the rest of Saint Lucia did not or read from the above article that only you can see.

      • Ok then i think you read the press release upside down. Point out to me where it specify what chas said that was malacious and irresponsible. If not keep quiet

  8. Why not simply review anyone who’s on the sanctions list, and whether they and their co-horts were rendered citizenship, and proceed to revoke it? Why does it have to ” if they were issued under the Chasnet administration ” ?? – the propaganda machine continues with you incompetent fools. Governing by way of drama.

  9. Seriously, what is wrong with the S.L.P administration? Are they retarded, dumb or stupid? These fools keep putting CIP over their own citizen’s of their country? Saint lucians do need their land and travel freedom, Richard, PJP, and friends….. Think about your people first… Look to what you wrote as a party slogan…. This goes to the entire administration of SLP criminals. Thank you ha e a wonderful day.

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