Thursday, September 29, 2022

Government Promises Marchand Fire Victims Speedy Relief

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The government of Saint Lucia has promised speedy relief to victims of Saturday afternoon’s devastating fire at Bishop’s Gap, Marchand, Castries, that destroyed three structures and left five people homeless.

Richard Frederick, Housing Minister, said he heard about the tragedy in Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre’s Castries East constituency which borders his own in Castries Central, visited the fire scene, and communicated with Pierre, who is currently off-Island.

Frederick told St Lucia Times  he promised that the government would ‘step up and assist the dispossessed victims with due dispatch’ in consultation with the prime minister.


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Editorial Staff
Editorial Staff
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  1. Allison you must one of those who don’t go hungry at all. Do think any of these house look like people who can afford insurance. And please you’ll labars stop letting us know where you’ll sleep at nights.

  2. Re Article..A business without insurance is is a very bad Idea..A house without insurance is also a very bad Idea Invest wiser.. We can not stop the votex..

  3. This is a matter that should be addressed by the relevant authorities that are in place for this …. It’s not a public stage for the usual ‘ Mr. big a yard .. small abroad ‘ to show off and squeeze recognition .

  4. @TJ you damn hypocrite, when Guy Joseph was speaking on matters not related directly to his Ministry, we use to call him Minister of toute barguy and I agreed with the name. Now you damn hypocrite it is “Oh for goodness sake does it matter who should be the one to state help is on the way”. You damn hypocrite

  5. So the government cannot help its citizens without establishing a distress fund. Choops! Must a distress be in place to help people. Some of you really think that this government is a God. They are politicians! Stop worshiping this dirty tricksters.

  6. Oh nooooo poor dog,mama and her kitties😔 Rest easy my fur friends.

    Now for those claiming everything is politics,tell me what do you see with your naked eye? Blame your elected civil servants for that one. They’ve made everything politicial in this country.

    There was a time we loved each other as a people but we traded that for party and color.

    Help has no color but do these spotlight loving title holders see and know that? Just like racism,it only affects you if you feed it so if the people of this country does not stop feeding this great divider and distractor then nothing will change.

    I’ve said this once and I’ll say it again, it’s either you’re a good person or you’re a POS. Title holder or not….

  7. Having a distress fund specifically for fire is not a big deal? If anything like a fire the district representative should be able to assist and contact the relevant ministry. I’m tired about hearing about distress fund. Put a distress fund and everyone will just catch the house fire to get compensation knowing that there is a fund to cover their expense. Government can help without a so called distress fund.

  8. A weak troll said, ” stay away from commenting on every single news article produced on St Lucia times” but one has to wonder how would they know that 🤔🤷🏾‍♀️ 😂😂

    Y’all know the answer. Troll work on your trolling ah right😏.

    Is this one worth scalping? Nahhhh let’s play Russian roulette with this one.

  9. It seems impossible for some to put politics aside at a time such as this.
    Some of our poor folks have just lost the only earthly belongings the ever had, after working so hard to own, and its all gone in an hour. What hurts most is a pet dog, and a cat with her kittens ‘burned to death’ Lord have mercy. But I trust there are God fearing people around to rally and help just before Christmas. God is a Good God.

  10. Oh for goodness sake does it matter who should be the one to state help is on the way. The fact of the matter is a number of people have lost their homes and belongings and I am sure they will welcome the help regardless of who or where it comes from. Some of you need to grow up and stay away from commenting on every single news article produced on St Lucia times.

  11. What your’ll need is God in your lives no nation will rebuild properly without acknowledging the creator and his commandments

  12. Wait wait a minute..what the f is wrong with some of you. I ask will the Gros Islet family get speedy recovery too? And a bunch of see I see red,sell my soul one time is coming with some sh!t about distress funds and Allen Chastanet 🤦🏾‍♀️what does my question have to do with that? Chastanet lives rent free in y’all heads unfortunately he’s gotta pay high taxes to live in mine.

    What bothers y’all about my comments? Enough already with this bs.

    Everything is Chastanet this, Chastenet that. Las blamay Chass pou tout bagai. Will everyone who loses a house by fire get a fair share of the pie? Nope and I say I’ll triple it…nope nope nope.

    Now be gone infatuaters of Allen Chastanet. The man don’t even know if y’all existing..smh

    Now I’m not going to mention names,y’all know y’all selves.

    Yawnnnnning 🙄😏

  13. @Smh and @ Sunday Brunch With Mae stop coming here and condemn your souls for politicians. The Distress Fund was taken from Ministry of Equity and placed with the Ministry of Finance. Now, while I believe that it should be more appropriately with the Ministry of Equity, you all must stop lying. Go dimanche zot e see ah kar mantee.
    @Hannibal, it is not reinstate, it is reinstate to Ministry of Equity
    And @ Just Two I support the sentiments that you expressed.
    Well said, @ Freemason. We should be our brothers’ keepers.

  14. I believe that the new administration will help the people who lost thier homes in that terrible fire.. But then again we all as st lucians should help to as well in any way we can… We all must play our part as government can’t do everything… Let us put the politics aside and start nation building…

  15. Tuwa Mosi Minister for Equity Joachim Henry says the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) administration will reinstate the Distress Fund.

  16. @Tuwa Mosi the Distress Support Fund which had been established by the government of the Saint Lucia Labour Party, was eliminated by the Allen Chastanet Administration with no regard for the critical role that such a fund was intended to play during such events

  17. Rumor me this,rumor me that,how many fires started under your watch? Fi fy fo thumb I spell the match stick of a filthy man.

    What about the family in Gros Islet? Did they receive speedy recovery too?

    Smh ……..

  18. Now I know some people will be quick to defend and display their ignorance in the process. But the last time I checked, this situation is a matter for Ministry of Equity and not a Ministry of Housing issue. So one would have thought that Hon. Joachim Henry would be making the statement on the matter. In any case his constituency also borders with East Castries Constituency. But, of course, trust Richard Frederick to rush ahead in his popularity contest. The man is so full of himself and the SLP Ministers to afraid of him to manage him. Apart from his Ministry not being responsible for the situation, there is a Deputy PM and Deputy Party Leader who could have taken charge of things, but no big ego Richard Frederick must run a ahead. I know that the government can do well but Hilaire and Frederick might well be its downfall. I pray that the government survives the bad intentions of these two.

  19. And what about the 8 persons who were left homeless in monchy not too long ago? Don’t they need speedy relief as well? This is the hypocrisy of the current administration. Frederick in charge…..mweh mem

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