Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Government Senator Says Saint Lucia Bus Operators ‘Fortunate’

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Government Senator, Francisco Jn Pierre has described bus operators here as being ‘very fortunate’.

The bus operators went on strike recently to press demands for an increase from the ten passengers they are allowed to carry, compensation for lost income or both.

“I can say that the bus drivers are very fortunate,” Jn Pierre, a former President of the Southern Taxi Association and a taxi driver for over 30 years, told reporters here on Tuesday.

“When you look at the many sectors in Saint Lucia and the world that’s affected, including the taxi sector which I am integrally involved in, the bus operators I can say, are fortunate in the fact that they have ten passengers to carry,” he declared.

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“Taxi drivers have zero in some instances,” the government Senator observed.

“Let us take into consideration that the very commuters you are carrying are affected themselves,” he explained.

Jn Pierre also expressed the view that having a bus route is a privilege, not a birthright.

He told reporters that others are clamouring to get the same privilege.

“The bus operators should be happy that they have the privilege and have a concession tom operate the bus routes,” he asserted.

Headline photo caption: File image of Francisco Jn Pierre speaking with reporters.


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