Government Signs US$1.8 Million Fisheries Sector Grant

The government of Saint Lucia Wednesday morning signed a US$ 1.8 million grant specifically targetted  towards the fisheries sector.

In announcing the signing, Prime Minister Allen Chastanet recalled that in November 2018, the Government of Japan informed the Government of Saint Lucia of  its intention to offer grant aid under the Economic and Social Development Programme.

Chastanet wrote on his official Facebook page that he was happy to report that the fisheries sector grant was signed.

He disclosed that the grant funds will be used to purchase  equipment for local fishermen.

They include platform and counter-top digital scales, ice boxes and materials for fishing vessels, coolers for fish storage on ice for landing sites, a bio-gas digester and energy converter and a 40 ft long-liner vessel- with sleeping quarters.

Prime Minister Chastanet indicated that the vessel will be used for fishing research and training.

The Japanese grant will also be used to buy tuna hooks,  desktop computers and printers, tablets for real time data collection, GPS devices, VHF radios and a solar drier for seamoss – among other items.

“We are extremely grateful to His Excellency Yoshinori Yakabe who is the Deputy Head of Mission for Japan for facilitating this key investment and my eternal gratitude to the people and Government of Japan for their 40 years of friendship and support,” Chastanet said.


  1. From what I know when you make a deal with Japan they want something in return, they want to hunt whales and some countries have refused them, am waiting patiently to hear what will happen next

  2. The japs want our votes for hunting wales,now we prostitutes just waiting for japs to tell us how to vote.

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