Government To Intensify Efforts At Crime Prevention

The Saint Lucia government has announced plans to intensify efforts at crime prevention and confidence building, by increasing the numbers in the Royal Saint Lucia Police Force.

The announcement came from Governor General, Sir Emmanuel Neville Cenac in parliament Tuesday.

He was delivering the Throne Speech on the occasion of the fourth session of the 11th parliament of Saint Lucia.

Cenac spoke of providing training in critical new areas such as human trafficking and the handling of vulnerable persons, as the country improves capacity to combat organized crime.

“The use of CCTV cameras will modernize crime fighting while an enhanced communication system will improve response time and improve coordination among agencies of the police force,” he told parliament.

He observed that all members of the public can play a role in fighting and preventing crime.

“ My Government will continue to support Community policing and we urge every citizen to respond to the call to set up more neighbourhood watch groups and work in collaboration with the Police Force to reduce crime in your respective communities,” the Governor General stated.

He explained that the matter of recidivism must be addressed.

According to Cenac, too often, people leave prison and, with no support to find stable employment or a safe personal life, they fall back into criminal behavior.

“My Government proposes the introduction of a parole system which will assist in the early release of prisoners and their reintegration into the community with the support of specially trained parole officers.  The requisite legislation exists and effect will be given to it,” he disclosed

The Governor General observed that numerous studies undertaken into the relationship between prosperity and security lead to one, clear inference that all endeavors to achieve economic prosperity would be futile, unless appropriate action is also taken to safeguard  people’s lives and property.

“In this sense, the old Moroccan maxim, “security before bread” could not be more apt,” he declared.


  1. Your Excellency,

    While I welcome the efforts that is being made on combating crime, you would agree with me that trust in the Police goes a long way in combating crime. How many times have I heard of law abiding citizens who are victims of crime calling on the Police for assistance only to be told, ‘we don’t have a vehicle’ or the victim is met with a harsh response or the victim is told ‘what do you expect the Police to do? Now I don’t want to bash the honourable men and women who risk their lives everyday to keep us safe, because often times they do a difficult job in exceptional circumstances, and I commend them all. But a little consideration and compassion from the police when citizens call upon them for assistance will go a long way. No call from citizens to the Police should go unanswered or not dealt with without a valid reason. Go back to the basics of community Policing where officers walk the communities meeting community members and developing a rapport. Police must show a friendly face to law abiding citizens while instilling the fear of God in criminals…but that can only happen when citizens see the Police as friends and allies…and that can only be achieved by building trust.

    Again, and I must reiterate, that I fully support the men and women in uniform that do an extraordinary job. We know and understand their constraints. The Government’s effort to ameliorate the crime situation is welcomed…

    • I do concur with all what you said, I have been preaching community policing for sometime now. We need to go back to basics. Without this there will be no trusting on both sides of the isle.

    • That’s a lot of pie in the sky stuff you’re talking about that. I totally agree there are some decent and honest hard working police officers. But ask yourself. Why did community policing stop? Is it because the community did not want the police or they realised those whom they place their trust and faith in are not far removed from those very same criminal elements they’re supposed to bring to justice? Or that they just don’t care? How would I ever feel comfortable disclosing to a police officer about X crime if I can’t be sure that police officer will turn around and disclose what I said to X criminal, thus endangering me and my family? Situations evolve in a certain manner given constraints and circumstances. If those circumstances aren’t removed then you can’t expect an alternate result.

  2. Wow Chastnet promised to solve this since Kenny could not and now he need members of the public to solve it ?

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