Government Urged To Put Special Prosecutor Funding Into Legal Aid For The Poor

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Outspoken Attorney at Law Mary Francis has urged the government to channel funding for a special prosecutor to probe corruption under the former administration into legal aid for Saint Lucia’s poor who cannot afford the services of a lawyer.

“I heard the Prime Minister speak of a Special Prosecutor for corruption. It is all well and good to stop corruption among organs of the state, but this money can be put to
legal aid to provide access to justice for the people,” Francis told St Lucia Times.

She asserted that it is an affront to democracy when the poor cannot have access to justice, an issue that needs to be urgently addressed by the government.

“The question of talking about accountability, transparency, throwing those words across the table in the house of assembly – that will not do. Accountability is when you have proper measures, proper inquests, independent hearings, and a timeline for the police to deliver their files when they kill a citizen,” the National Centre for Legal Aid and Human Rights coordinator asserted.

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She said that delays raise suspicions in the minds of the public.


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  1. Couldn’t agree with you more Ms Francis. Special Prosecutor is in place investigating and gathering evidence however will any cases actually be prosecuted?!

    Agreed corruption needs to be dealt with but Legal Aid i believe takes priority.

    If our judicial system was overhauled decades ago and in conjunction with Constitution reform then the supposed corruption would be dealt with.

    Legal Aid for the poor.

  2. It is narcissistic self-idolatry to think you can create your own truth based on what you feel. Ms. Mary Francis is wrong! Government should go full throttle after the purveyor of corruption and injustice. Nobody in government should be allowed to use the state funds for personal gain. No system can hold when when its constitution is used to condone the abuse of power. We are a divided a nation, but we don’t need to be a nation engulfed in lies, lawlessness, and demagogic incitement.

    This government can do both, hire a special prosecutor and create programs for the destitute. We need strong democratic convictions to avoid being fooled by authoritarian demagogues.

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