Government Warns Against Unfair Competition During Festive Season

The Consumer Affairs Division of the Ministry of Commerce has issued a warning to business establishments to be mindful about misleading consumers during the festive season.

The Government Information Service (GIS) has quoted the Director of Consumer Affairs Division, Guillaume Simon, as saying that the Protection of Unfair Competition Act is designed to ensure a viable business environment.

“Any act in the course of industrial or commercial activities that misleads or is likely to mislead the public with respect to an enterprise or its activities, in particular, the products or services offered by such enterprise constitutes an act of unfair competition,” Simon stated.

He explained that misleading the public may arise out of an advertisement or promotion, or may occur with respect to the price of the product, or the manner in which it is calculated.

“It says in Article 9 that any person who is prejudiced or is likely to be prejudiced by an act of unfair competition shall be entitled to remedies obtained under the civil laws of Saint Lucia,” the Consumer Affairs official observed.

Just recently, a video recording at a popular store which had a Black Friday sale suggested that shoppers were in fact being duped in regard to claims that prices had been slashed.


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