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What is the Government’s Response to Persistent Sexual Violence Against Women and Children?

PRESS RELEASE:-Castries Saint Lucia, Wednesday, 14 June 2017: Raise Your Voice Saint Lucia Inc.

Raise Your Voice Saint Lucia Inc is saddened by the persistent and frequent reports of rape and sexual violence against women and girls. We wish to enquire and understand the Government of Saint Lucia’s policy position on this very distressing issue.

In light of a resurgence of sexual violence against women and children we wish to get clarification from Hon. Allen Michael Chastanet, Prime Minister & Minister for Finance, Senator the Hon. Hermangild Francis Minister for Home Affairs, Justice and National Security and Acting Commissioner of Police Mr. Milton Desir on the status of the Forensic Laboratory and its capability and capacity to conduct forensic test to better assist investigating officers of the RSLPF and to ensure swift justice for victims of sex crimes.

Further, Raise Your Voice Saint Lucia Inc, calls on the Acting Commissioner of Police, Mr. Milton Desir and Minister of Home Affairs and National Security Hon. Hermangild Francis to provide the public an update on the status of the Sexual Assault Response Team within the Royal St. Lucia Police Force, conceptualized by Civil Society Organisations to provide a dedicated unit within the RSLPF to collect data on suspected sexual predators to minimize the incidences of sexual crimes against women and children.

We continue to call on female leaders within both private and public sector agencies including Parliamentarians to be advocates and agitate for policies and legislation geared toward protecting women and children.


  1. As a leading advocate, do you have recommendation. What I was looking for in this release were figures. Home many women raped. What is the increased rate. We must start doing things professionally and not politically. This is a big issue I believe. I do not think any government can prevent it from happening but measure must be in place to deter. Why didn’t Raise your Hand show their concern not by just A RELEASE but by requesting a meeting with others concern (the government, the christian council, the schools, ets) to discuss the way forward. In St Lucia we are sudden have bosses making demands before making an attempt to solve.

    • I too was expecting some figures. Present some facts to the people so we can know how bad the situation is. Maybe Raise Your Voice should raise their voice like others did against DSH. That would be a good start

  2. Raise your voices I am sick and tired of you all calling on government. What are you all doing to educated and teach the your women and men about life in general. You dont speak about all the VICE show, carnival skimmpy dressing and all the derogertive songs more so the dennery crew. some of you all who dont lead by example including I agree some leaders ministers included. STOP DEPENDING ON GOVERNMENT WHERE ARE YOU ALL MENTORSHIP PROGRAMS? When I listen to you all most time tyou all breed more dislike in society than ever in the name of politics. Have you all ever carried out a survey on why some men are so sick or women, Look at all the enhancement peels and drinks taken by some and then boom homnes kick in strong and attack on all vulnerable. Some women have no respect for themselve or husbands or partners and keep goin with tom dick and harry jus for fun like the carnival band.

    My advise to you all lets tack all parts of the island with talks and real personals experiences , what it did, why men keeps killing themselves, is it because their masculine strong power has erroded even at a young age and their wiives throws it back in the face? Hey this is deeper than governments only it starts with you and me and just them or others.

  3. My Dear Sister Catherine oh gosh give your gums a rest for Christ sake ,where have you been all those years never heard you speak of incestious relationships there is so much of that going on in the island but it appears that you a just like some politicians

    Tell me something who a the people funding your agency let’s see who they a cause I strongly suspect that rooted some where deep the red party is involved otherwise you would not be bumping your gum so much did they promise to give you a Ministry of Gender affairs

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