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Updated on June 5, 2020 7:29 pm
Updated on June 5, 2020 7:29 pm
Updated on June 5, 2020 7:29 pm

Grande Riviere Residents Undertake Road Repairs

Residents of Fostin Development in Piat, Grande Riviere, asserting that they could not let another year go by with worsening road conditions, came together a few days before Christmas to effect road repairs themselves.

According to the residents, it was not the first time that the community has organised a koudmain for road repairs.

The bitumen, this time around, was provided free of charge by Concrete and Aggregates.

The compactor used was provided at a discounted rate by Reliable Tool Rentals.

Members of the community and the Mountain View Community Group chipped in to fill scores of potholes with the bitumen hauled to the location by a truck owner from the area.

Kirk Elliot, the Public Relations Officer of the group, volunteered to man the small compactor made available by Tom T at a special rate.

“We can’t depend on government to get everything done – we must help ourselves,” Elliot said.

“This does not let the government off the hook, but we will be impacted negatively if our roads are not good,” he explained.

Elliot asserted that self help keeps a community going.

“Twenty, thirty years ago, communities lived as one – we didn’t have as many vehicles; we didn’t have as much money, but we certainly lived in more harmony with each other,”  he observed.

According to Elliot, it is ‘absolutely important’ that more communities get involved in self help.




  1. Kirk Elliot for prime minister. This man has said and done the right things. Self help and community togetherness should always be alive and well in every community. Much commendation to you and your civic minded community helpers. The Taiwanese should be also rigorously applauded for their continued assistance to St. Lucia. They have proven themselves to be a reliable and a loyal partner. This should not absolve the government of their solemn duties to the citizenry. The government has been neglectful and derelict in its duty to provide basic services to the people. Too many tax breaks and duty free concessions are given to foreign investors. The country pay through its nose to get them to invest here. Again, much respect to Mr. Elliot and his crew.

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