Thursday, September 29, 2022

Grandfather Confronts Robber In Castries, Hands Him Over To the Police

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The grandfather of the Bocage Secondary School student who was relieved of his mobile telephone by armed bandits on Thursday, has reported confronting one of the two suspects and handing him over to the police.

Michael Flood said the student who was robbed at ‘gun and knife-point’ is his grandson.

He recalled that the boy’s mother informed him of the crime, whereupon he immediately proceeded to the school where the teachers gave him an update.

“The good thing is that they actually had photos of the criminals,” Flood told St Lucia Times.

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He disclosed that on viewing the photos, he realised that he knew one of the ‘culprits’ – a nineteen year old.

The grandfather said he called the teenager’s mother to get him to return the stolen mobile phone warning her that there would be trouble if he did not.

Flood said the woman promised to call back which she did and he informed the police, whom he praised for their quick response.

“I explained to them what happened, gave them the full details, showed them the photos,” he stated.

But Flood said the three officers present informed him that a team from the CID would be investigating the matter.

“Although I showed them on video where the guy was at the time I was speaking to them and what he was wearing, they insisted it was another team,” he explained.

However Flood said after the officers left, as a concerned grandfather he proceeded to Agard Lands, Castries where the suspect lives.

But he said the individual denied involvement, eventually admitting that he had the stolen phone after being shown the photos as evidence.

Flood said the youngster disclosed that the stolen item was at his grandmother’s house.

“He took me to his grandmother’s house to collect the phone. We did that and when I finished I took him down to CID so the police could deal with the matter,” the grandfather of the victim stated.

And he had words for members of the public.

“This thing has been going on for too long,” Flood declared.

“We have had over the last few weeks, children from the Leon Hess Secondary School, the Entrepot Secondary School, the Castries Comprehensive Secondary School – children are being scarred, physically hurt with knives and weapons, just because the criminals want their telephones. Enough is enough. It is too much – I will not accept it,” he asserted.

Flood said his children are now adults.

But he said that in regard to his three grandchildren, he will defend them with every fibre of his being.

“I will go to my grave defending them and if any criminal out there believes that they could touch my children or rob them at will, I am saying to them ‘Hell no!’ You will have to deal with Michael Flood.”

In regard to the individual he confronted over the theft of the phone, Flood declared that the young man’s mother encourages him in his lawless activities.

According to Flood, the young man recently broke into a home in Vanard.

In fact, he told St Lucia Times that when the police saw the teenager, their response was: ‘You again?”

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