Green Card Lost, Owner Offering Reward For Its Return

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The owner of a Green Card, known officially as a permanent resident card, showing that a person has permanent residency in the United States, is appealing for the return of the item lost on Sunday night.

Georgia Aidoo lost a black card holder containing the Green Card and other cards Sunday night at ‘Rum Bucket’ at Gaiety Grounds, Rodney Bay, Gros Islet.

Aidoo, currently residing in Castries, is due to leave Saint Lucia early next month.

But she says she will be unable to travel without the Green Card.

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Aidoo would like anyone with information about the missing item to contact her at telephone number 486-5753.

And she is offering a reward for the item’s return.

UPDATE: A yet unidentified Good Samaritan took the card holder with the Green Card and other cards to the Gros Islet police station.

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  1. You are not required to walk with your green card or have it in you when you’re on the go. It is suggested that it should be kept safe at home incase it gets lost. Walking around with a green card is a risk since USCIS have warmed permanent residence to keep it safe .

  2. Now lets this be a lesson to you Georgia, why on earth would you be carrying your green card to Rum Fete?!?

    There’s no need to carry the card whilst on island leave that safely indoors with your passport till you travelling back to the US.

    Did you think you’d get cheaper rum by flashing your green card at the fete.

    Well done to the person who handed it to the Police.

      • A green card serves no use in St. Lucia, especially if the individual is a bearer of a Driver’s License or National ID etc.

      • @Rea, yes that maybe true but only when you’re in the US. Don’t you think there was more “risk” with it be carried around at Vaval in St Lucia.

        In this case common sense should have prevailed.

  3. Call or get in touch with the local INS office on our go to the USCIS website and find out what to do when you in lose your greencard while you are traveling overseas?

  4. I am confident that she will get the documents back, providing that the finder has not discarded it in an irretrievable place like the sea etc. Without cash in that black card holder, the finder may have deemed it valueless and dump it. If the finder still has it he/she may negotiate for a higher price than what’s being offered. Aidoo better be careful out there because skimmers May pretend to have found it and set you up for robbery. Don’t go alone. I don’t mean to be pessimistic, but in today’s world, everything goes.

  5. Its sad you lost your wallet with such valuable cards, but one going to these events should try to leave these things at home . Just go with the cash you need . I do hope there a good samaritan out there that can return it.

    • Youre supposed to have your greencard on you at all times. Unfortunately its a bigger risk to not have it, than have it. Its one thing ive been dreading as I lose things all the time, as I prepare for my move to America.

      • U just want ppl to know u migrating? It makes absolutely no sense to carry that with you to a fete on the beach. Stop justifying this nonsense. I’m happy the young lady got her shit back tho


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