Grenada: Pastor Convicted Of Murder Of Teen Lover To Be Released From Jail


ST GEORGE’S, Grenada:–   Archbishop Edmund Gilbert, a once prominent leader of the Baptist church here, who was convicted of murdering a teenager in 2001, is to be released from prison today, his attorney, Anselm Clouden, has said.

Gilbert had his sentence of life reduced for the murder of 15-year-old Robby-Ann Jeremiah.

“His sentence was reduced to 18 years and so he has served his time and will be released on Saturday (today). This is no favour from the State but getting release for serving his time as sentenced by the Court,” said Clouden, who was not successful in an application made to the Court of Appeal last year for an early release of his client on the grounds of ill-health.

Gilbert is known to be suffering from complications due to diabetes and cancer. He has been hospitalised on many occasions while a prisoner.

In 2006, Clouden was able to successfully appeal the death sentence on his client, resulting in it being reduced to 18 years.

Gilbert was the Archbishop of the Unicorn Spiritual Baptist Church in Springs, St George’s when he was convicted for the murder of the teenager with whom according to court records, he had an ongoing sexual relationship.

Prosecutors were able to convince a judge and jury in December 2001 that Gilbert, who was aged 60 at the time, had strangled the young girl, who was a member of his congregation sometime between January 31 and February 1, 2001.

Her lifeless body was found in True Blue after police received a cellular phone call from a male voice on more than one occasion informing them that “the body of a young girl was on top True Blue Hill”.

The call was traced back by the authorities to a number assigned to the religious leader.


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