Grieving Relative Urges End To Violence, Warns ‘All Bad Man’ They Will End Up Dead

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A male relative of the second victim who died after last week’s shooting on Chaussee Road, Castries, has appealed for an end to violent crime, warning that ‘all bad man’ will eventually end up in the Choc cemetery.

Police said twenty-seven-year-old Mergatette Joseph succumbed on Friday.

Family members referred to the deceased as Bolom.

“Today you all kill Bolom, tomorrow it going to be your turn. It going to reach on you too. You can’t sleep. You have to be turning your back every day to see who coming,” one of the deceased’s cousins declared.

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“Messieurs put down the guns. Stop the killing because all of you all now all bad man where you seeing them? They lying down at Choc (cemetery) watching plane belly when it taking off,” the cousin, who spoke on anonymity asserted.

The relative described the deceased as fun-loving and jovial.

And he disclosed that the death was a hard blow to the family.

According to the cousin, three bullets hit Joseph, including one to the head.

“We were expecting him to really pull through. But when we saw from what his uncle and auntie told me the way they saw him he wasn’t responding,” he recalled.

In appealing for an end to the gun violence that has been plaguing Saint Lucia, the cousin advised people to find other means of settling whatever disputes they may have.

“What I would like to say to the fellas outside there, killing people brothers, fathers, uncles – messieurs that ain’t playing no role. Put down the guns, please. That not making no sense,” he stated.

Headline photo: Deceased shooting victim

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  1. It is very nice to say our children are the best. In reality a mother of many girls aplaudding her children.
    Until one day those same girls brought tears 😒 into her eyes.
    May be this happens right here in πŸ‡±πŸ‡¨ St-Lucia, you can ask the great grand parents…
    A mother who loves her son so much, always praising him,and covers up for him. But one day the son committed a crime and was sentence to death.
    The saddest part 😒,is that,on the very final moments,he ask to see his mother 😒. And when mom approach him,he wispers in mom’s ears,IF ONLY, YOU HAD CORRECT ME, TODAY,😒I WOULD BE ALIVE 😒 AND HE CUT HER MOTHER’S EAR BY BITTING IT ‼️

  2. The sun shines on the whole world,and time and chance happens to all.
    O LORD you know,I got no friends like you. If heaven not my home,then, LORD, what will I do ?
    The angels becknoing me in heaven’s open door. O LORD, what will I do if heaven not my home.
    If we miss heaven ❗We miss it all βš–οΈπŸ˜­πŸ”₯❗

  3. Was Bolom a saint? wasn’t he a drug man? Didn’t he have a link with Bolo of Jacmel?

    Some of all your parents need to be arrested too. ALL you are encouraging these criminals

  4. There’s no Bad Man in St.Lucia these So called Gang Leaders use the Soft Minded Guys in the Rural Areas in St.Lucia to kill one another
    Its time these young guys wise up and Chase these foolish Gang leaders out of their Communities .There are parent’s especially Mothers who Also Support their kids as gang members just because they are Very Lazy and enjoy the Monies and Jewellery their Children hand over tp them .Its very to Identify these Mothers because their Response on Social media is that he was good but Troublesome

  5. To stop it, then it must be an eye for an eye; that’s the only Law they will respect; short of that you can arrest you can Jail, you can do practically any thing you want, they don’t care, so the answer is – Reinstate the Hanging – once you have done that, it will end. The men who do this have all been to jail before, so they are not afraid. Pjp if you do the necessary thing you will be well respected, admired and history will call you ‘a hero’ and even I will vote for you. Its time to get tough, fight fire with fire or else surrender: Dear Lord God don’t let him to surrender. Amen.


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