Groovy & Soca Monarch, Friday July 8th, 2022 – Traffic Flow

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The North bound traffic towards the City:

John Compton Highway, right onto Desir Avenue , into Sans Souci left onto L’anse Road,  existing

The South bound traffic towards the City:

John Compton Highway, left into L’anse Road,  existing (1) Calvary Road to Chaussee Road (2) Calvary

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Road to Darling Road (3)  Sans Souci, Desir Avenue to John Compton Highway


  • John Compton Highway/Desir Avenue intersection
  • John Compton Highway/Seraphine Road intersection
  • John Compton Highway/Pointe Seraphine road intersection
  • John Compton Highway/Southbound from Vigie Roundabout
  • John Compton Highway/L’anse Road intersection (southbound)


There shall be no parking in the vicinity of the event to allow free movement in case of an emergency

  • No parking L’Anse Road from John Compton Highway to Calvary Road
  • No Parking Desir Avenue from John Compton Highway to L’anse Road
  • No parking on John Compton highway near airport fence
  • No Parking on Seraphine Road near Vigie playing field fence


Vehicles from Point Seraphine will make a right  turn onto John Compton Highway and access the route to the north through L’Anse Road/Sans Souci

Vehicles from Seraphine Road will not be permitted to turn right to head to the city.


Event Event Date Gates Event Show Time One Way Traffic Road Closure
Soca Finals Fri.July 8.2022 6.00PM 8.00PM   5.00PM
Calypso Finals Sat. July 9.2022 6.00PM 8.00PM   5.00PM
Panorma Competition Sun. July 10.2022 6.00PM 8.00PM 12noon (One way

Exiting Castries)

King & Queen of the Bands Mon. July 11.2022 6.00PM 8.00PM 12noon (One way

Exiting Castries)



Source: Carnival Planning & Management Committee

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    • boy not you alone uh especially the part speaking about north and south bound traffic towards the city i dont want to shoot the messenger but i honestly try to understand it but i just cant cause isnt North bound supposed to mean that you are heading to the north? if so how can you be north bound but towards the city? and also is the word “existing” or it supposed to be “exiting”? i not coming down on anyone uh i just really dont get it

  1. Dear Organizers please ensure that you also work with the general hospital. Why? To adequately address any possible mass casualty incident in an era where nurses are in very, very , very , very , short supply.


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