Saturday, January 18, 2020

Gros Islet Cops Find Gun In Overturned Getaway Vehicle

Gros Islet police recovered a revolver in an overturned getaway vehicle last week, reliable sources have confirmed.

The police had been in hot pursuit of the getaway vehicle after receiving a report that gunmen had wounded a male resident of Piat, Grande Riviere.

The intruders stabbed him in the leg when he put up a struggle after they entered his home on Friday.

The bandits later escaped in a vehicle which overturned on the Vieux Sucre back road.

But they managed to escape on foot as the police were closing in.

The Piat resident who was stabbed was taken to hospital and has since been released, St Lucia Times was informed.

The President of the Beausejour Community Group, Jim Joseph, Monday commended the police, and in particular the officers of the Gros Islet station, for recent successes in the fight against crime.

” I think the new approach which has been adopted by the police, which involves closer collaboration with Civil Society is bearing positive fruit,” Joseph told St Lucia Times.

It was a reference to community meetings that have been organised by the Gros Islet police with residents and business people to discuss anti crime measures.



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