Gros Islet Female Is Saint Lucia’s Newest COVID-19 Patient

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Press Release:–  The Ministry of Health today Friday December 18, 2020 out of a batch of 157 tests conducted received confirmation of one new case of COVID-19.

This brings the total number of cases diagnosed in country to date to 280.

Case #280 is a 33 year old female from the Gros-Islet district.

She presented at a Community Respiratory Clinic where she was assessed and tested for

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She was placed in quarantine by a health care provider while awaiting receipt of
her test result.

Arrangements have now been made for the transfer of this individual into isolation.

Contact tracing is currently on-going and an epidemiological link has not been able to be established for this case at this point in time.

A total of seven recoveries were also reported to the Ministry of Health today.

This reduces the number of active cases in country to 22. At present, all active cases are stable and none are in critical care.

As we enter into the weekend before the celebration of Christmas, we remind all as they do
the usual visits to the supermarket, stores and social engagements, to be mindful of the
guidelines that are being promoted to protect health and well-being of every citizen.

It is worthwhile to take time to plan before going to shopping to limit the amount of time spent out shopping and interacting in public places.

Additionally, upon returning home from public places, it is important to first and foremost devote time to properly wash hands with soap and flowing water before attending to anything in the home.

Parents and caregivers are encouraged when going out to public places to keep the young ones at home wherever this is possible.

Reducing their exposure to crowded places or places of high human traffic will assist in minimizing their possible exposure to the virus.

The Ministry of Health encourages everyone to also daily practice the guidelines of wearing
masks, maintaining the recommended six foot distance and to wash or sanitize hands often
during the course of the day, particularly while in any public place.

All these guidelines when done together throughout the Christmas season will significantly reduce the likelihood of COVID-19 infection.

The Ministry of Health and Wellness will continue providing updates as new information
becomes available.

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