‘Gros Islet Friday Night Is Going To Happen!’

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Gros Islet MP Kenson Casimir has assured that the popular Gros Islet Friday night street party will return.

“This Friday is the date that we mentioned very early on for Gros Islet Friday Night,” Casimir told reporters on Monday on the sidelines of the meeting of the Cabinet.

He disclosed that more information would be forthcoming on Tuesday after the Cabinet meeting regarding the event’s hosting.

“Gros Islet Friday Night is going to happen. We are just going to ensure that it is done in a scaled-down manner,” the Minister for Youth Development and Sports stated.

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Amidst concern over a ninety-three percent increase in the daily COVID-19 infection rate for the past seven days compared to the previous week, Casimir said the government is always concerned about protecting people and keeping them safe.

As a result, he explained that there would be a thorough Cabinet discussion on instituting a Gros Islet Friday Night event as safely as possible.

Casimir said several vendors have been suffering for over two years, unable to ply their trade and provide basic amenities for their families.

And he explained that as MP for Gros Islet, he wants to see them earn a livelihood.

At the same time, the Gros Islet MP made it clear that the government will continue to do things responsibly.

He acknowledged rumours that there would no longer be the Gros Islet Friday Night event.

” I can tell you, as the Minister and the member of parliament, we are seeking to hold Gros Islet Friday Night in as safe an environment as possible,” Casimir told reporters.

He said he wants to see vendors get some relief.

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  1. what ever it is they doing they will have to come good cause one of the main things of this event is the tourist attraction. Loads of tourists from hotels in the vicinity go to the Friday night jump up, now the bad thing I see in this is will hotels like sandals allow their guests to go to this, cause vaccinated will be mixing with unvaccinated and they will not want their guest to get the virus, look now they are doing their own Friday night jump up at the hotel itself so the guest dont get to go out and experience the real thing and patronize the locals and this has been happening even before covid. this is why i say the hotels keeping the guests inside for themselves alone and other people cant get to make a dollar. but all in all what i see is this friday night might just not have the music cause it was the music that kept the crowd

  2. Some of the comments are ridiculous like “the vendors have suffered too long”. To be able to vend at Gros-Islet Friday you need money to buy the drinks, chicken and pork and food from the markets unless they are buying their stuff on credit and can be able to pay after the event. It is a one night and everything will not sell at times. Most of the vendors do not depend on GI Friday to make money it is just an added bonus, so you’re saying for two years these vendors have not eaten and just sat there waiting for G-Islet Friday to open? What a joke.

  3. There a certain undertone of bias by some St Lucians against poorer St Lucians who makes a daily bread by vending and selling. This is what hey know and this is how they survive without your f@$#*ing handout for years. it’s part of Caribbean Life just like fishing , farming , everyone is not highly skilled, but people have to survive and eat like everyone else, so what’s the problem ??? If they are not impacting your quality of life shut the f*&^%$#@ and go to hell.

    • @Lucian Lowgrade the bipolar one I don’t think you are a actual human being with the kind of bigotry you type everyday.

    • Hope you wicked M****F can pay the bill for the respiratory hospital when several more in the country become overwhelmed by COVID. Hope you can make space in the hospital in St Jude that your government NEVER built for those who will be suffering the heart and lung effects of the virus even after they recover. I know people who had Covid got out of it and died 3 months later because the virus damage the organs. The doctors have now started telling people that recovery from Covid also bring in other deadly complications later. You pig with no idea for development should not come on here and speak ! you backward piece of crap!

  4. Admittedly, the vendors have suffered for too long. It’s great that the green light was given for this event. I am hoping that our people remain safe and are reminded that COVID is ubiquitous.
    Most importantly, let’s pray for a crime-free night!

  5. I support the move but i was expecting the late min rush because vendors was awaiting the minister final decisions since last week but he was on a turtle back. This friendly night fete is also a source of income for many. Why can’t some of the aggression in the comment point to some of the high society people who open bars all weird hours in the morning?

  6. Lucians are such ignorant people… only thing that matters is fete some of the people who are more desperate behind the street party are the single parent mothers who don’t care where their children stay or with who, but they definitely going…. smh… how can you be able to put protocols in such a large scale street event??? Smh… and the people who trying to protect their family and themselves have to be at risk by those who just don’t care….smh licians… ine step forward, two steps backwards…

  7. What I don’t understand is how they going to have this in a safe environment. Day in and Day out I keep seeing posters of different fetes and boat rides and they keep saying “protocols in full effect” how the hell you going to keep a protocol in a crowd event such as these things it makes no sense cause the protocols are still not being in effect and it don’t make no sense having those protocols

    • Thats how they try to sell their BS. Make you feel that they care. It is virtually impossible to have any mass crowd social event and have protocols in full effect. Jenson take your BS somewhere else.

  8. All those who have money to spend can go. As for me I could not bothered. Some complaining about groceries prices in the supermarket are very high and can vary afford to buy the basic commodities. I just hope those same people are not going to spend money at Gros-Islet Friday. One more thing. Just remember the thieves will be out too. Good luck.

    • So “vending” rum and chicken is the only way for lucians to make a living?? How myopic of you! people cook their own chicken. and they can buy their own rum to drink at their house. they dont need vendors for that pal! but i dont blame you thats the level of thinking the politicians have you all on! yes thats national development for you under the SLP! Carry on being backward in the backyard!

    • The morning after pill should also come with a burial plot for the carcasses littering inside your rass!

  9. Meanwhile the infections and the dying starts in China just like it did the first time around. And its a matter of time before the cycle restart here and elswhere all over again. But rather than taking heed , the “vieux negre” is back at it; focusing on his baser instincts always. its rum, chicken, women, men too, and bacchannal. and nothing else matters to the black man. he can’t think beyond what is between the lower extremities.

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