Thursday, September 29, 2022

Gros Islet Friday Night ‘Reloaded’ Coming

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Gros Islet MP Kenson Casimir has announced plans for Gros Islet Friday Night ‘Reloaded’, following a successful resumption of the popular street party last week.

“What’s next is a Gros Islet Friday Night reloaded,” Casimir told reporters Monday on the sidelines of a meeting of the Cabinet.

“We were not able to put in practice some of the ideas that we have for changing the landscape of Gros Islet Friday Night and so because of course, protocols. So what we are going to do we are going to continue to be at the table talking about how we can accentuate Gros Islet Friday Night. What can we do for tourists to really enjoy what it means to be Saint Lucian during their stay,” the MP explained.

He disclosed the formation of a committee, including vendors, the Mayor’s team, and events management stakeholders.

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According to Casimir, the committee will seek to better the street party once organisers get the go-ahead to ‘free up in ways we have never done before, ‘.

The Minister for Youth Development and Sports noted that other communities have been holding mass crowd events.

“The question is do we have the wherewithal, do we have the fundamentals in terms of police in terms of health care systems, in terms of everything to manage all those events? Of course, we saw Gros Islet Friday Night looking to do the right thing,” Casimir asserted.

According to the MP, the turnout for last week’s Gros Islet Friday Night and the returns to vendors at the event were ‘absolutely amazing’.

“But of course in this climate you would have expected a little bit more from different persons doing what they needed to do to make it a safer place,” Casimir told reporters.

He spoke of the need to live with COVID-19.

“We’ve seen, I think we are about to witness a fifth wave and a sixth wave and five previous waves there wasn’t any Gros Islet Friday Nights. Let’s be honest,” the MP stated.

But he said  despite that, there was still an uptick in COVID-19 cases.

“It doesn’t justify anybody not doing what they are supposed to do by way of getting vaccinated, following the protocols. But the fact of the matter is the world is going through an uptick in COVID-19 cases and I believe that COVID-19 cases were going to increase regardless of whether or not there was a Gros Islet Friday night,” he pointed out.

“What has happened is that every other institution in terms of middle class and upper class institutions with bars and with shops and restaurants – they were benefiting from economic activities, except the vendors,” Casimir told reporters.

“So what we are seeing now is parity in terms of all stakeholders having a stake in what happens in a global environment with tourists actually being on Island,” he said.

Headline photo: People attending Gros Islet Friday on May 6, 2022

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  1. Old People, Children and Normal People live in Gros Islet.
    Stop Abusing Gros Islet…
    Stop prostituting this tiny town.

  2. Have the party play more dancehall music 🎵🎶. F*** COVID-19 have the party every Friday Night 8 pm – 5 am love to star enjoying the party from May 20 and every Friday Night

    • 12 PM… Stop overdoing it
      This place is becoming a Sodom and Gomorrah

  3. The SLP is headed by loose screws. Covid cases start going up. Instead of SLp coming up with some solid plans for industry building which granted does not happen overnight but can transform the economy for decades to come, they are focused on bacchanal. Lucians get the government they deserve. No way lucians going anywhere with that party in power. Zero ideas and luning their own pickets. Meanwhile u all and your kids suffer.

  4. guys lets just face the reality, we have to live with covid and move on with our lives but first we must control it. it is inevitable people will still get it vaccinated or unvacinated. Look how when the then pm wanted to open up the island and alot of people and the opposition didnt want it and sayin he value money more than people lives, now which administration that opening more things now? the same ones that was against it

  5. I thought he had all the answers to put things proper in the first instance. Sound like this black boy is clueless if he has to go back to the table and discuss to make it GIslet Friday better. What a mess.
    Fete before health
    Money before health
    Carnival before health

  6. To the imbeciles commenting on COVID….i just have one question for you…is covid written on peoples face? Do you do your own research or are you just one-sided and soak in everything you are told? It has been proven the MASK do nothing, It has been established the Vaccine does nothing….please go look up its so called efficacy…notice that a 4th shot is being discussed..ask yourself why…this so called vaccine is in a trial and error phase and you dimwits still wish to ride along the COVID train. LIFE must GO ON. If you feel the need to ostracize yourself…get your umteenth dose and sit at home, hopefully get your groceries delivered…and stew in your sauce you do that. Let the rest of sane population go about their lives. This will be the third year, the news is having a field day, very little work needs to be done, theyve gotten lazy and well paid to cover the Ukraine scuffle and covid….WAKE UP!

  7. Not sure Why anyone should be surprised? With COVID we got protocols to protect us, programs to help ease financial burden and we rejected it. Now we getting what we wanted and voted for. Bachannal, Who cares about Health Care. If u go OKEU and need meds to survive you will surely die. No meds there but the Talk show hosts and concerned groups nor the caring Doctors will not take to the airwaves. Lets Go PJP, Hiliare and Bay Bay. PUTTING PEOPLE FIRST

  8. The boy is clueless too busy strutting the street with his mistress in tow turning their noses down at the villagers. Their heads to far up wherever to even understand what’s happening and that the threat of covid is very real and it’s the poor vulnerable people who will suffer at the hands of the deplorable health care system we have here.

    • If I were a respectable man whose actual wife horned me with a drug dealing malpop Vieux negre, you bet my last dollar I would go globe “strutting” with my mistress too.

  9. The arrogance of this boy and his flambeau rejected missus aligns him well with what the conceit that epitomizes his party. These people have their heads so far up their rumps they are far removed from reality. The fact that healthcare is not an issue for them and they can easily be flown out at tax payers expense should they need medical assistance makes them forget that we have an extremely horrible healthcare system and we have poor people who can’t afford the type of private care that they get the tax payer to pay for them. They are clueless and careless only thinking about the easy fixes instead of looking for safer alternatives to boost the economy. Waste of government.

  10. This ‘ preening little prick ‘ just doubled down on carelessness . Putting a commitee in place for this ..of course that’s the solution … but let me shut up and eat more green figs .

  11. This minister is irresponsible and immature. Mr. Kenson Casimir, the fact is that the pandemic is not as yet and i think you need to find alternate ways to assist the Gros-Islet vendors. Very soon when ppl start falling dead from covid 19 that is when you will understand, because its not all about bacchanal and fete. The same attitude of not caring about being selfish and self conceited. The cases are rising very high and it is sad.

    • People aren’t dying like flies. Never did. The authorities terrified us with that prospect to lock us up and take away our God given rights. They said bodies would pile up in the streets. I never saw that. Did you? You know who died in this “pandemic”? Old people. And already sick people. You know who died before this “pandemic”. Old people. And already sick people. if you still have critical thinking skills please use it and stop giving in to paranoia.

      You’re suffering from Mass Formation Psychosis.

    • You people remind of the house slave who refuse to give up slavery even after massa gave negroes their freedom. All massa countries free up, yet the house negro want to control other negroes. Yawn

  12. Your a donkey n drink from the pond. Useless. Yep watch the cases rise as you fill your pocket. Idiot!!!!

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