Thursday, September 29, 2022

Gros Islet Friday Night Returns- MP Says ‘Vendors Are Smiling’

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Gros Islet MP Kenson Casimir has expressed gratitude to individuals who contributed to a successful return on May 6 of the popular Gros Islet Friday night street party, indicating that vendors are happy.

“On behalf of the people of Gros Islet, let me say thank you to all who made our Friday Night activity the success that it was! The normal Jen Gosilet residents sold ice, coals, and kerosene again after two years,” Casimir wrote the day afterwards on his Facebook page.

“Vendors are smiling today. Ire Bar had tourists patronizing, Seaview had tourists patronizing, Duke’s was sold out by 10 pm. The return of Gros Islet Friday Night was just a vibe!! We continue to ask our people to do their part in living with COVID,” the Minister for Youth Development and Sports wrote.

The Gros Islet street party resumed amid rising COVID-19 cases.

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And there are concerns that the mass crowd event will only worsen the situation with observers at the activity, noting that many in attendance failed to observe the protocols.

Headline photo from MP Kenson Casimir’s Facebook page

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  1. This ‘preening little prick’has the audacity to say that . What about tomorrw you dumb ass ?
    Keep the people distracted with fetes , fun and pork while you all pilfer all you can .
    Welcome to St Lucia the land of the IQ62

  2. This ‘ Preening little Prick ‘ have the audacity to applaud this mass gathering event . What about the lives at risk now due to Covid transmission …..Just like in the days of ‘Old Rome’ let’s keep the masses distracted from the real issues including poor governship ….. These are to fools we have in power …

  3. COVID smiling too now but what to do… We just have to learn to live with it and continue to take the necessary precautions for ourselves and family’s sake and not depend on others to do it for us.

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