Gros Islet Homicide Victim Was Stabbed In The Heart

Gros Islet homicide victim Marley Williams died from a stab wound to the heart according to the result of a post mortem examination, St Lucia Times has learned.

The post mortem was conducted Thursday afternoon at Victoria Hospital.

Williams had celebrated his 26th birthday just two days ago, sources close to the family disclosed.

It is alleged that  the deceased and a female were involved in an altercation earlier and he was subsequently attacked on Thursday morning in Gros Islet town.

The fatal wound  is reported to have been was inflicted with a knife.

Residents of the area told St Lucia Times that the alleged assailant was known to the deceased.

Police have  arrested a sixteen year old female in connection with the death.




      • I am appealing to all St lucians try to get out of this country as there is no future for anyone how can crime stop when over 85 percent if the population earn 9 hundred dollars a month

    • So true. 16 years and has a baby mentality. She doesn’t even understand the consequences of her actions. It will be interesting to see how this case is handled by the court. Maybe the guy was thinking that she is sweet sixteen. So many men have died for saltfish; especially the young saltfish.

  1. I hope she is tried as an know how st Lucian court system be like give them a slap on the wrist and tell them “go..doh do it again” and the ones who commit petty theft take a life sentence. I’m just saying..

    • People are frustrated as they have no money andiis the jobs that are available are low paying security job for 900:00 a month and you have to work over 12 hours a day to make that money it is the system that is fuck up either the girls sell their bodies or the boy use their guns just to survive there is no future for anyone in St Lucia

  2. These things be happening in the country because all we doing is fighting each other down instead of building one another. Where were her parents that at 16 years old you are out on the street in the morning? Non-sense alone going on down here and we post sh*t and do nothing. Our only actions are to judge, bull****… UNITE, DON’T FIGHT

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