Gros Islet shooting leaves several injured

A shooting incident in the wee hours of this morning at Gros Islet has left at least six persons nursing injuries, according to reports.

What exactly happened is still unclear as police continue their investigations.

However one of the shooting victims who said he was an innocent bystander, described to the Times what happened before he sustained a bullet wound to the toe.

The Monchy resident, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said he had just come from the washroom near the bar by the jetty.

“While passing through I just start to hear gunshots firing behind me so I try to turn to the direction to see what was  going on because people were just pushing me,” he disclosed.

The shooting victim recalled that people were also rushing towards him.

He said at that time the shots became more rapid.

The victim said he fell in the mad rush by people to get out of the way.

He said his shoe came off and he later realized that he had sustained a gunshot wound.

“Maybe six of us get shot – one for sure his leg break, the others bullet graze them – me,I almost lose my small toe in that,”  he declared.

The Saint Lucia Fire Service reported transporting at least two people to hospital while is appears that the others were transported by private means as a result of the Gros Islet shooting.

According to the Fire Service, an alarm was raised at about 1:26 am.



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