Ground Breaking Ceremony Held For Canelles Resort Project

The official ground breaking ceremony for the immediate commencement of work on the Canelles Resort Project in Micoud took place Wednesday.

“Today, we continued to fulfill our promise to bring progress and development to all parts of our island, especially those that have been starved of it for so long,” Prime Minister Chastanet announced on his official Facebook page.

According to the former Tourism Minister, the hotel will fit in nicely with a number of other projects that are currently already underway or planned for the south of the island, as  the government  attempt to spread the benefits of national development and narrow the social and economic gap between rural and urban communities.

“I want to thank the principals of the Galaxy Group and AMResorts for their vision and their confidence in Saint Lucia and for choosing this area for their hotel project. It is an area that has remained in near pristine condition over the years mainly because of its rich archaeological, historical and environmental sites as well as the economic and social opportunities it provides for scores of residents, mainly in the agriculture and fisheries sectors,” Chastanet stated.

“One of the precautions that we took in the planning of this project was to ensure that the integrity of these sites would not be diluted in any way, and in fact we have received the undertaking of the developers that this will not only be so, but that they will ensure that this development adds even greater value to what they will find here,” he explained.

“Most important, I believe are the environmental issues which relate to the impacts of the development during construction and operations on the integrity of the marine reserve. This is vital for the preservation of important ecosystems–both marine and land– the fisheries, and Saint Lucia’s natural biodiversity,” the PM noted.

He observed that on the other side of the coin, there are the obvious benefits which the project will bring to the part of the island where it is being undertaken, through the employment of hundreds of Saint Lucians during and after construction.

Chastanet also spoke of local purchases of products such as agriculture and arts and crafts, the opportunity to integrate water conservation practices, energy conservation and use of renewables, use of indigenous plants, involvement in the preservation of natural and cultural heritage and engagement with surrounding communities and stakeholders.

“In short, the possibilities are endless,” he declared.

The Prime Minister said it is his sincere hope that the successful completion of the Canelles Resort Project will bring with it the dawning of a new day in the Micoud community, which  all should  look forward to with great anticipation.


  1. AWAITING FOR THE USUAL COMMENTS:- he is a white man, a foreigner, he is not qualified,
    he is stupid, he’s only for the rich, selling out our land to foreigners: when will we ever learn?

  2. That shovel in his hands is foreign to him. Just before the photo was taken, he asked the guy next to him. “how do you operate this? Where’s the “on” switch? LOL

  3. our new owners watch well soon we will all be working for them whether or not u even know it or like it except Dominique

  4. St Lucian’s are on their way to becoming indentured labourers in their own country when will you see that the people you are taking as your saviours only have contempt for black St Lucia’s

  5. Re: Ground breaking..
    It is time for a $10.per hour minimum wage to be implemented in St.lucia..
    The workers can’t afford to purchase food, clothing, school supplies, for their children, fearless themselves..
    It’s time for the Labour party to, and the Unions to get involved and help the workers to achieve a higher wage..
    St Lucia wake up and smell the roses..

    • Ha ha ha ha hah ah ha ha hah ha If you only knew. When it comes to the news media in this country it’s worst than been in Cuba most times I just lash on just for the hell of it. I spend more time reading other Caribbean News Outlets bway I would kill for a hard copy of the New York Times.

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