Group Urges End To Hair-Based Discrimination, Says Students Being Denied Access To Education

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RE: Ministry to Education to Review Existing Grooming Positions at Schools on the Island

Hair Us Out! welcomes the Ministry of Educations’ Press Release outing their intention to
review the exiting grooming positions at schools across the island.

On Monday 05th September, the first day of school for many students was marred by bans,
denials, and on their face human rights abuses which contravene the UN Charter on the Right of a Child.

In light of this unfolding situation, Hair Us Out! has unconfirmed reports of over 30 instances across the island where “grooming” rules were used to deny access to Primary &
Secondary educational institutions which the Ministry of Education funds.

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In one instance, the denial of access has elevated the parents of the banned child to seek an injunction thorough the legal and judicial system.

With just under 3,000 signatories to the Petition to end hair discrimination – Hair Us Out! knows all too well the importance of this matter to principals, parents, and children.

Hair Us Out! would also like to highlight that children are still being denied their right to an
education – and that right is their constitutional right under the laws of Saint Lucia.

So that while we discuss and until things are determined – Hair Us Out! would like to demand that those children should be allowed immediate access to their education without any additional rules and stipulations which would unfairly discriminate and identify them from the student body.

Hair Us Out! is a coalition of diverse people of an ideological background, who support policies and laws to end hair-based discrimination in Saint Lucia.

We hereby look forward to the Ministry’s invitation to our coalition to discuss this very urgent and important matter affecting the lives of parents and children across our island state.

SOURCE: Hair Us Out!

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  1. “Step together, play the game
    Thus we’ll bring St. Mary’s fame
    Unity will make us strong
    Love will guide our steps along

    Love indeed our lives will frame
    Love for God, which cares not whether
    Foes smite, left, right
    We Samarians work together
    Steady boys and STEP TOGETHER!!”


  2. Yeaaaaahhhhh the old (fu) at Buckingham Palace is dieing yeahhhhh Black People let’s celebrate that this wretch will finally meet her maker and be JUDGED FOR HER CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY . Yeeeeahhhh all the ancestors who died in the cane fields, on the boats, beaten, hanged, burnt with iron like cattle finally and I hope when you see this bitch you will be able to put in some serious licks

  3. I wonder what the hair/grooming rules are for schools in African countries and for Sikhs in India, or Trinidad for that matter??? While I agree that discipline, boundaries and rules are necessary in educational institutions for obvious reasons, hair, if kept tidy should not be an issue, and it certainly should not affect a child’s education. It should not be an issue in Lucian society generally – too many institutions (such as the Wellness Centre) happy to shave off peoples’ hair, which causes shame and increases distress. The hair/grooming issue needs serious investigation and consideration, and any decision should take into account contemporary societal norms within reason, and cultural and religious/philosophical beliefs.

    • The 1st place to learn about discipline and respect is at home but this is seriously lacking and now the responsibility have shifted to school where teachers have to do parent job and to bring our youths to order to understand about respect and discipline which is by far more greater than having a degree. Because you can have a phd. and without any respect or discipline you will keep hunting for a job and that will brings into question of that person being face with prejudice or being attack racially. That being said i have attended several school meetings and its a plague for teachers to fix indiscipline kids in school when parents are just operating like the wild wild west. Sometimes you can read what happens at home by just observing the child’s behavior in public or at school. I support the school polices and i begged them not to bend the rules for no one. The being said how can the Minister of education take orders from a Union to decided what goes on at our colleges. Where is the connection of how can a union orchestrate a stand down by just making a complaint to the minister of education desk so the student suffer? This island is simply a banana republic thats all… every corner is riddle with corruption and political affiliates. Narrate your speech how you want but that fact is there steering you right in your face.

  4. The Nursing Department at SALCC is worst. Based on reports from students adults are being denied access to education by the administration of that department. Every student Nurse at SALCC is grieving. Why? Because the administration in that department is not empathetic or student oriented.

  5. How can yall be so blatantly conformist? Yall enforce frivolous sanctions to such a ridiculous degree that it has gotten to the point of denying someone the right to learn? Because the height of your hair? What is this? The 1800s? Is that what you base the standards of your school on? How short the students hair is? The prestigious stature of your derelict of a school is long dead buddy. All you are doing is putting on airs. Up-holding a legacy that no longer exists. A bunch of damn relics in a museum. That’s what YOU are. Holding back the people of our bright future with this nonsense. If this impacts the standard of their learning why havent we gotten another Nobel Laureate from SMC? With all the standards and the legacy yall upholding? Stop wasting time on this garbage and instead improve the quality of your schools education. Cause i can tell you right now a rass with endless natty dreads can pull up and do 27 CSEC subjects, pass all and get a scholarship to a high end college. All while not cutting his hair. Please die off and give a new, fresher generation a chance please, you dinosaur.

    • @relics shut up…let the kids conform to rules…..people like you forgetting the generations getting worse and worse than before……no wonder we cannot reduce crime in this place…

  6. Conformity is a huge part of civilization. Remember that. Lawlessness must at least be abated if it cannot be completely eradicated.

  7. Wow… what does this simple incidence of an obviously entitled individual, feeling that he and his offspring are above the established norms and traditions of one of our premiere educational institutions, have to do with slavery or racism or denying a child his right to an education?

    Our very constitution (the supreme law of our land) was written for us by our colonial masters, yet we rail against an elementary grooming rule as a perpetuation of an imperial era. As a so-called independent nation of Black people… our priorities are bewildering… to say the least.

    Any induvidual who has been granted the privilege of becoming a Samarian must respect the distinguished legacy of all the other Samarians who collectively strived to build that distinguished legacy. Otherwise, we run the risk of all Samarians, past and present, evolving into something less than distinguished… less than Samarian.

    So please, counsel… with all due respect… exercise your right to choose another school whose norms are more consistent with those you espouse. Go in peace!

  8. Wow. At SALCC Department of nursing the administration has forced many student to drop out of the nursing program because a vaccine mandate that was instituted only by the Department of Nursing.

  9. Bawy I don’t know what’s wrong with our people. Gasa we are so programed and brainwashed to the max of not accepting ourselves as who we are, and I don’t see this changing in my lifetime, some of these Old Fools we have on this island just need to die off quick, quick, to usher in a new generation to catch up with today’s world at real time. I am of the notion that students must be well groomed to go to school, I believe it builds character, pride and discipline (supposedly), fast forward to 2022 with todays child mind set and internet, laws and legislation, learning institutions should not be imposing rules and regulations as it pertains to certain hair styles and denying a child the right to access education based on their choice of hair style , it’s unconstitutional (supposedly) ; but they can still impose uniform standard as it pertains to the institution code of conduct and badge of honor. I read of a similar case in Jamaica, where legal precedence were considered in the High Court by a Rastafarian Plaintiff against a learning institution for the denying their child the right to education based on their hair style, and the shockingly The Crown ruled in favor of the institution, this raised eye brows in the foreign press and legal circles, considering Jamaica was Land of Rastas. As it pertains in St Lucia, I would advise the parents of students who encounter such dilemma to be vigilant and steadfast in bringing this to public light and seek legal council in dealing with this matter, we need to stamp out the colonial mindset that’s still has a strangle hold on our destiny.

  10. To my knowledge, ABSOLUTELY NO students were denied access to any school. Instead they were reminded of the school’s policies on grooming. We like to break laws and rules too much in this country. Our backwardness is appalling

    • Rules and laws are meant to be broken! That’s how change comes. I wish you could have spoken to Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr. about their struggles in the civil rights movement to bring about change in the US. You definitely can’t make omelettes without breaking eggs. Learn to live with the times. Too many backward rules. There should be one rule for hair – Students should be neat – and leave the children alone!!! Enough with the hair police.

      • when we do not follow rules that why we bleeding now and we cant reduce crime…stop condoning this behaviour…….it depends on what change you are asking for….in your words basically thats why there are so many illegal guns and people cant follow rules because of change right???

  11. yes its high time this nonsense about students hair preventing them from getting an education be stopped and i believe that for true it is down right discrimination. Alot of you will say oh its the schools rules which i agree but what weight does this rule even carry? that rule does not even change anything .Minister of Education you need to look into this nonsense

    • its not just abt students hair preventing them..the point is they need to be well groomed…the court wont let you walk in bare back or sleeveless

    • Ever thought I would agree with you g.w! I really like the movement….the fact that a group of activist can take a stance and get the authorities to get off their asses…listen and re consider the crap that they do (atleast). Sadly it had to take a prominent family to feel it for that type of reaction….so no prominent family took the inhumane lines at immigration? We need more social activist in slu!!!

      • well i guess that is why they say who feels it knows it an i am glad it happened to a prominent family cause most people dont have the money to take this to court and would say its a waste of their time but someone has to stand up someday


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